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Uluru Activation

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1 year ago

I live in Australia and interesting enough that there will be an Uluru Activation Ceremony on the Monday 21st of December 2020. This will coincide with the Grand/Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which will occur in Aquarius.

There is a black box which has been placed in Uluru with crystals and will be activated at the time of the conjunction. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

I respect the Aboriginal people and they have been on this land for a long long time. What you need to do wherever you are in the world is to face Uluru (you can find it in maps) and work out which direction you need to face.

The date and time:

Monday 21-12-2020 at exactly 9:02 pm – Summer Solstice.

Australian Time.

Send Love, Peace, Happiness and all the energy you can to that one point on Earth. Whatever your beliefs, use your power. Let us assist the Aboriginal people with their prophecy and in turn activate the crystals bringing light to all beings. The ascension process has begun whether you believe in it or not.

Peace and Love


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