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1 year ago
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At the start of November, I made a goal to write an article every day for November, which I completed to the day. The natural tendency would have been to continue, however, I decided to try out silence for a few days after.

It was only because I wrote down the goal and stayed focus on it, at rising and before going to sleep which made the goal of writing a post every day a success.

It confirms the power of the written word and even though it might seem like an easy goal, I did have some challenges throughout the month.

While I was in silence I did feel an urgency to write an article. During my meditation, thoughts would come up for ideas to write about. After the second day, these thoughts started to subside.

During my silence, I was still going on the site and reading articles. Having the feeling of not putting pressure on myself to write was quite liberating.

I enjoy doing these exercises with my mind and body. Especially when the results are easy to understand, as more complex goals might be difficult to see certain patterns. I can now incorporate my learnings to other goals I set.

Silence is a wonderful experience and your senses become more attune You start to see and hear things with a different awareness.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Find some time for silence and enjoy the energy and peace it brings.

Peace and Love


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