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See Your Thoughts

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2 years ago

As I discussed in the previous post, a great exercise is to stop at least 3 times a day to see what your thoughts are and to write them down.

Another very powerful way to see what is going on in your mind is through meditation. Meditation is a simple exercise where you can sit comfortably with a straight spine and begin extending the gap between thoughts. 

While extending the gap between thoughts, thoughts will arise. Simply observe them and let them go, returning to the meditation.

You can meditate anywhere, no matter how noisy or peaceful. The mind will test you no matter the environment. If you are having difficulty with your thoughts try focussing on your breath. 

I find the best time to meditate is in the morning however you can meditate anytime at all. After the meditation take the time to reflect on the experience and write it down. Try to meditate once every day for as long as you can or have time for.

Peace and Love


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Noted this, I'll try putting it to practice.

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2 years ago