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Remote Healing

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2 days ago
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Another great technique to use is remote healing. Especially during these times when so many people are in isolation, you can still send Love and Healing to friends and family.

As I have discussed in my previous articles, try and maintain a space whether inside your residence or outside which you can quickly go-to for meditation, affirmations, visualisations or to just rest and be energized.

Always ensure the "space" is kept clean and refreshed. The same goes for your inner "space". If you have a photo you can place it in front of you or prop up or on an easel so that as you open your eyes it's right in front of you.

If the photo is flat on a table or floor you can use crystals to charge the photo.

Now the technique is simple, no need to over complicate it. Sit down in a comfortable position with an erect spine. Start relaxing and taking your awareness to your breath. Keep doing that till you reach the moment of peace and tranquillity.

Start your visualisation, seeing white light emitting from your body and going straight to the person you would like to send the remote healing to. Keep visualising it. You can also use mantra's or affirmations.

This healing will travel at the speed of light. The more you do this, the easier it will become. Now and then open your eyes and see the person. If you don't have a photo use your memory if you know what they look like. If you don't know that doesn't matter. It's always your intention that is the most important thing.

Try this out and remember to relax while performing this magical technique.

Peace and Love


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My friend as I have comment you in your last article, I don't like the concept of meditation. Because of this what you have wrote in your article.

If you further want to know then go and check my article, meditation class within.

They are all my views. I am not say I am correct but they are mine

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1 day ago

That is fine if you don't like meditation, I am not here to try and convince you. The mind works in duality, good and bad, right and wrong. The Universal mind works as "One" everything is as it should be. The Ego will do whatever it can to remain in control. For many, meditation works and for some it doesn't. We are all unique and on our journey. Peace

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1 day ago

I think , this remote healing can help to me. I'm stress now. I will try that. Thank you. I will update you if it helps for me.

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2 days ago

This is to send someone else healing energy. If you are stressed, try to bring your awareness to the now moment. There is no past or future only the "now". Do all the same things mentioned in this article. If thoughts arise - let them come and go. Try and extend the gap between the thoughts. Relaxing music and breathing will assist. Thanks for sharing - Peace and Love

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2 days ago