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I know

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1 year ago
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In my last article, I spoke of the times are a-changin'. We are moving from the element of "Earth" to the element of "Air". What that means can be explained quite simply. The age of Pisces is defined as "I Believe" and the age of Aquarius is "I Know".

It might sound like the same thing but it's in no way the same thing. The last 200 years have been about beliefs. For the next 200 years, we move into knowing.

The knowing comes from our conscious mind penetrating the subconscious mind and accessing the Universal Mind.

The Universal mind has all the knowledge, knows all that is to be known. The age of Aquarius being an "Air" sign will activate this knowing. The mind will look for what's right and what's wrong - what's good and what's bad - beliefs are judgments which are developed and created throughout the years. Your childhood, school, media and friends.

Now is the time to use that gut feeling, deep down you will have a knowing. "I know" is the motto for the next 200 years. Trust yourself and use that intuition.

Peace and Love


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