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1 year ago

We are in a time for disclosure and institutions and all hierarchical organisations are starting to feel this. None more so than the Catholic Church with so many abuse claims coming out. A hint with the Church is that the Priests go to seminary school. It doesn't stop there though and I will focus on the Guru's.

There is a book which came out in 2020 "Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage: My Life with Yogi Bhajan", this book has upset the Kundalini Yoga community in a huge way. They would never have thought Yogi Bhajan could have done something like this and I won't go into the details as there are plenty of articles on this. Another #MeToo story comes out while Pluto is in Capricorn.

This got me thinking way back as I was following the Beatles and they were in India with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at his ashram in Rishikesh when all of a sudden everything came to an end. The Beatles claimed that the Maharishi was trying to have sex with some of the western women. There is another great book which came out around 2018 "Maharishi & Me: Seeking Enlightenment with The Beatles' Guru"

There is currently a Netflix documentary on Bikram which came out in 2019 called "Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator". I would not, however, call Bikram a Guru or in the same league as the other Guru's I mention here.

While I was in Rishikesh there was a Guru, don't recall the name as there are so many of them. I remember the controversy as he was a really smart guy and was kicked out of the Rishikesh area, told to never return. He would have had a really high IQ and probably a photographic memory. He would advise his (mainly western students) that he would assist with their awakening. Yes, you guessed it, it was via sex.

I also visited Puttaparthi in India to visit Sai Baba. At the time there was a controversy around how he was materialising Vibhuti and things like Gold watches. He is also alleged to have sexual relations with young men. I have a Magician background and am very versed in sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors.

I even went to another Guru in Puttaparthi who was the competition to Sai Baba. I saw with my own eyes right in front of him how he materialised the Vibhuti. He sat in a really King like armchair. You could see his hands had nothing in them. When he went to stand up he would press on the armchair which looked like he was just pushing up to assist getting up but there was a really small compartment in the arm of the chair which would put a small amount of Vibhuti in his hand. Then he would distract you with his other hand, then Presto Whala.

I've kept you waiting enough, so what is the secret of the Guru. It is a bit misleading to say they abstain from sex and are celibate. What they really do is not ejaculate. The French call ejaculation as "a small death". That is because it is a small death. The amount of resources that your body requires to create the seed takes a toll on your body and mind. You really see this as you get older. Now for all you guys out there who can not abstain from sex here is the information in relation to age and number of ejaculations per week:

  • 16-20 (3.3)

  • 21-25 (4.14)

  • 26-30 (3.51)

  • 31-35 (2.9)

  • 36-40 (2.42)

  • 41-45 (1.95)

  • 46-50 (1.8)

  • 51-55 (1.54)

  • 56-60 (1.09)

The Guru's practice Tantric sex and they move that energy up the spine to the top of the head and further up the chakras. They do not ejaculate and perform certain exercises to have the ability to control energy. Sex helps with creating energy as it is much harder to create energy with breathing or other practices.

This is something they do not talk about and always dismiss it. Some Guru's take advantage of their power and influence to use naive women and men for this practice.

The Guru's also use a technique where they tie their genital areas with a specific cloth so that they don't accidentally ejaculate during the night. They also use fasting, breathing, visualisation, chanting and meditation to fine-tune their Tantric prowess.

Now having said all of that, this should not take away from their teachings. You can gain much knowledge from what they are saying and learn from their techniques.

I totally understand the outrage and their behaviour is unacceptable. No one should be taken advantage and why the teacher-pupil relationship is so sacred.

Peace and Love


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Written by   26
1 year ago
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