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Cold Shower

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1 year ago
Topics: Life

With my last article, I was thinking about my time in India some 20 years ago. It's funny how you get complacent sometimes when you travel and take unnecessary risks. I remember staying in the jungle and being offered to go searching for tigers. I was assured it was safe as the two guides had a stick each. So you would go walking on a path a look for any tigers. So what exactly would we do if we found one?

For those that know cats, they can climb a tree, they can also jump in the water (even though they don't like water). They can outrun you, so you really have no chance to escape.

I was also offered to go to Kashmir and again I was assured that we would be ok as the guides this time had guns. I asked, won't the others have guns too?

Now you might be thinking, what on earth has this to do with cold showers. During the journey, I found some yogi's who suggested I go into the Ganges and assured me it would be safe. At first, I was hesitant and was more concerned with the cleanliness of the water more than anything else. I was not that worried about the strong currents or anything which might be in the water.

What the Yogi's were trying to teach me was about the cold of the water. Once I decided to do it, it wasn't any of those concerns which came to my mind, it was how freezing cold the water was.

After watching Wim Hof teach us about breathing and the cold, now it makes more sense than ever. Cold water increases heat production in the body and starts the BAT process. This is known as brown fat, thermogenesis converts chemical energy to heat.

The Yogi's would say that your immune system will be power charged and healing will begin immediately in your body.

I have to say it's not an easy thing to do. I try and have a cold shower every morning and it's much easier in summer then it is in winter. Once your body gets used to it, it becomes much easier. When you first get under the cold water focus on your breathing and then the body will settle down and it will feel quite comfortable and a nice temperature.

Maybe start with making the water colder every day. Try and get the shower to not fog up and slowly you will get used to it. The feeling after a cold shower is revitalising and you will feel energized.

I remember a long long time ago being told to fill your sink with water and ice. Then submerge your face in the water and ice for about 30 seconds a few times. This will prevent wrinkles from developing. So there might be some truth to that.

Peace and Love


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Written by   26
1 year ago
Topics: Life
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I think am used to taking cold shower in the mornings and i have also heard how cold water helps saves skin from wrinkles

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1 year ago