The Truth About Money

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3 years ago

Money is a medium of exchange to facilitate transactions (buying groceries, selling a car, paying your telephone bills). Money has value because there is a community of people recognize it and are using it to perform daily transactions.

Many people has been trying to chase for more money in their lifetime even though they knew that they cannot carry these wealth to their afterlife. Why?

Our Human Cognitive System

At first, we need money to sustain our daily living. Beyond that, our brain will still send signals to our human cognitive system to continue to pursue for more money as a form of achievement, dominance and satisfaction.

This situation is similar like you get first place in your favorite pinball game and still want to play to break your own record.

Playing the Capitalism Game

Since we are living in a capitalism society, we have to accept the fact that money has become the most straightforward quantitative measurement of a person social status during his lifetime on earth, instead of looking at the benevolence virtue and humane personality of a person.

The capitalism order and the world financial system have been developed many centuries ago and it is quite hard for ordinary people like us to change the order overnight, even though the system is flawed in many areas.

Hence what we can do is by playing abide with the current financial system and become an expert in it. After which we will then have the ability to make positive changes to the society.

But many people did not do that after they succeed.

Life is a Game. Money is How we Score.

How can we score more points by playing the capitalism game?

  1. Similar to any other games, we will first have to understand the rules of the game to maximize and optimize rewards.

  2. There are smart ways to get better score. Search for walkthrough or secret quest which will provide you with power-ups or supplies to improve your score faster.

  3. You can also go to the developer system of the game to see how the code is set. But often times only a few lucky one gets the chance to do so .

  4. Keep trying and no stress. Stop and take a break. You will be amazed of what you can think of while you are not playing the game.

  5. Lastly, we can also choose to play other game. Or become a game creator yourself.

Become a Game Creator

There are a group of people believe that the existing capitalism game is a vicious cycle. Those who are at the top of the leaderboard will remain there for a very long time, even though many new patches are released trying to balance the game.

Instead of following the norm, these group of people will become a game creator and build their own community and invite people to participate in their game which are more fairer to the society.

All games have their pros and cons, but it is a good sign for ordinary person like us to have more games to play with. Who knows we may be better in this game?

Segmentation of World Monies

To understand what type of games are there to play, first we need to understand how our the world monies will (are) separate(d) into.

A. Government or central-bank monies such as our world fiat currencies, commodities supplies, bank credits

All of these are already controlled by nations or specific people. Ordinary people like us is getting tougher to benefit from here due to high competition and saturated market.

B. Private-corporation digital monies like Facebook Libra, where companies can create currency, drive adoption and no longer rely on fiat currencies as a medium of exchange.

C. Separation-of-states monies like Bitcoin, are not owned by any single nation, and is still at an emerging stage. There are still not much players here and hence more opportunity here. Ordinary people like us have a higher chance to benefit from it.


Depends on which type of games you are more expert in, you can choose to excel in that game. Or if you are a person who are sitting on the fence, then you are free to play in all types of games.

Nothing is Perfect

Depends on your life goal, you will have to sacrifice certain attributes to exchange for another attributes of your choice. For example, you lose health for wealth, you choose to sacrifice your career for relationship, etc. There are rarely perfect scenarios.

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3 years ago


This life is truly a game. Who knows how to play can get the money. Nice write-up. Kudos to you

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3 years ago

Nice article. I love that sentence "life is a game, money is how we score". It hit me hard. Good write up

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3 years ago

Nice article. I love that sentence "life is a game, money is how we score". It hit me hard. Good write up

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3 years ago

Transcend and take the red pill to be free from the matrix of life..

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3 years ago