"You are my only one"

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- "Standing here, are you making fun of the boys? Aren't you ashamed?"

I was shocked to hear such a sentence. Looking back, I see that the man with the poisonous words is none other than Yusuf Bhai. Now he is looking at me with red eyes like a red marble. I have lost myself in those eyes. Seeing those eyes, I went away in fear. Tears were added immediately. He rebuked again,

- "I'll go inside now. I'll break my leg and hold it in my hand if I see it again."

I trembled at his threat. I immediately ran to the room. Why does he always do that to me? I don't understand. The guy is too bad. Deadly kind of bad. Just tell me ...! I started crying thinking about all this. Then Mishu Api entered the room. She is the only younger sister of Yusuf Bhai. He saw me crying and sat next to me. Upset, he wiped his eyes and said,

- "Sonapakhi? Why are you crying? What happened? Someone scolded me? My Sonapakhi?"

Mishupi's words did not slow down the flow of tears but came out. I am crying with hiccups. Mishupi turned his hand on his head and said,

- "Brother?"

I shook my head and said. At the same time, the speed of crying was doubled.

Seeing that, Api tried to calm me down and wanted to know why I was crying. At one point the crying subsided a bit. Puri did not stop. Then she broke down in tears and said,

- "Or .. outside .. your she ... the stage is being decorated for the yellow ones, ah .. I'm Nushra, Bushra, Tithi, stand up .. Lage_ (in a voice involved in tears) A..I am ... the boys ... I am standing and giving marrow. I cried and hugged you and said again ,,

- "Ja ... you know Mishupi she..there was everyone there they didn't say anything. But ah ... insulted me in front of everyone ah ... ah ah ah ...!

I started crying again. Then Mishupi said to me affectionately,

- "Don't cry, Kuhu! You know how sensitive brother is to us. And a little too much for you. You are the youngest of them all. Understand?"

- "So will you say this in front of everyone? How can I go in front of them now? You tell me? They will laugh when they see me ... and they will look at me with crooked eyes!"

I cried again. Mishupi Api tried to explain to me but he went out annoyed. And I'm sniffing and crying. Why not? ; He plays twelve of my prestige! Now everyone will laugh. Really laugh? Talk crookedly and tickle,

- "Kuhu is going to see that. Such a big girl eats gossip? Surely there is a problem with the character. What a terrible thing!"

Thinking about all this, I was transferred from two to three times with the speed of crying. Then Yusuf Bhai came to the room on foot. At the same time, my crying stopped. Mishupi stood beside him with folded hands. Annoyance is evident in Yusuf's eyes. Then he gritted his teeth in anger and said,

- "Mia in that squeaky cry! Why are you crying? Are you sitting in the competition of crying? Hmm! And once the sound of crying comes, I will stone your throat. All the weird business."

He went out just as he had come on foot. And I widened my eyes and looked at his departure. I was wondering what it was. The crying stopped automatically. Then Mishu Api pressed her head from the side and said,

- "Why did I call my brother? And what did he do? Sorry, sister, I'm playing gossip again for me. Where did I come to stop your crying? He showed the opposite anger and left. Don't do it? Let's stop crying. Keep it alive, I understand for tomorrow. "

I looked at Mishu Api helplessly and shook my head. I mean, I understand. Then I went with Api to decorate Api. Today is Mishupi's yellow evening. People have come from the parlor to decorate Api. Nusra, Bushra, Tithira are ready, the rest is just me. But I don't want to dress up. Not at all. I remember feeling sad later. Wondering how to get in front of those people? How ????

Mishu Api's words interrupted my thoughts. He was telling someone to decorate me. He also pulled the girl and put her in front of the mirror. And began to decorate. I have no idea about that. I just remember the day when I was injured in the crush named Yusuf and I am eating bash day after day. This is what happened three months ago. That day was a happy day for Nahar Villa. Nahar is the name of my grandfather and Yusuf Vaiyar's grandfather. He loves his young grandson very much. So he is very happy that the youngest son of the family is returning from abroad after a decade. The whole house was painted in colorful lights that day. Big Mama Shafin and his team man John Ready were there to welcome his son. The whole of Mymensingh was overjoyed when the big uncle, the mayor and his son would come. Little Mama also canceled her important meeting. Finally, after waiting for them, Yusuf's brother's car appeared ...!

As soon as he got out of the car, a shower of flowers fell on him. I was not trying in vain to see him that day. When I couldn't see a bunch of people pushing and shoving, I ran towards the roof. From there I could clearly see his face. I was looking at him with fascinated eyes that day. Light curly and silky combination of hair filling the head. Thin reddish lips, it looks like lipstick. Cat's eyes, beard, light pressure on the cheeks, pale complexion and grooves on the chin. I crushed him a few times. I was looking at him with a smile. Not only that, I saw that the girls of the area were swallowing him at all. I could not take my eyes off him because I felt arrogant then. The question was in my mind, well why is she so beautiful? Girls are not so beautiful? So? Why is she so beautiful? Why? Why? Well, if she was a girl? Then the boys would have lined up? What would be his feelings then? I will jigsaw one day! Will he be angry then? What do you say? The girl is crazy, badd crazy. Well, is she a girl? What would his name be? Khairun Sundari ??

An English meme comes out of the car with him when I think of these weird questions. My happy face went down when I saw him! But why? Chest pain in the chest! Why is this happening? I was looking at them with my hand on my chest. I think I made four for each other. Then Yusuf Bhaiya looked up. I lost sight of his eyes in the deep abyss of his cat's eyes. I wanted each other's direction without blinking! I didn't notice for a long time. Then what happened to me in the look of his eyes turned around. The body became numb. Slowly the eyes widened. That's where I went later. Then I don't remember anything else.

Let's go.

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