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I was shocked to hear the girl's voice,

I was stunned when I looked up

Stood up

What am I looking at?

I have to believe my own eyes


Then just a word with my mouth

Come out

- প্রিয়াআআআ ,,,,,

I have a pinch in my own body

I closed my eyes and looked again.

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance

In front

My little wife in front of me,

But is it a darling? Is that it

Little one?

The little one is not small now, it is very big


Meanwhile, Priya saw me and sat in the chair

Couldn't stay,

Got up from the chair

He said yes with a look of surprise on his face

Looked ,,,,

And tears rolled down his cheeks


Something I went to Priya

Let's just say,

Then there was a baby behind me


- Mom,

I looked back and saw one

A 3-4 year old one in a man's lap

Baby! (The guy might be the driver)

But the baby's mother said to whom?

The baby is from the driver's lap

Go down and walk on small legs

Ammu Ammu is in Priya's lap

Got up

It was as if the sky broke over my head.

Therefore, the words of the father of that day are true


Priya is married to someone else

Doing ,,

And the proof is in this kid,

I have trouble standing there

Being ,,

Feeling a lot of pain inside the chest,

Looks like someone is hitting you in the chest with a hammer.

I saw their mother and daughter for a while

I started to get out of the cabin.

Priya called from behind,

- Listen to this,

I turned and looked into Priya's eyes.

Priya once looked into my eyes

He looked down again and said,

- Name the office boss someday

No calling!

This mistake should not happen again

I feel anger in Priya's voice, value arrogance

I did

After looking at Priya for a while

I said,

- Yes, madam!

I started to go out again,

Priya's daughter came round from behind

Holding my hand

And tutaliye tutaliye said,

- Uncle, I'm Tatoma


I took the girl in my arms and kissed her on the cheek

I said with a kiss,

- How do you know Mamuni?

- I'm your mother's phone

I saw it !!

Listening to the girl, I turned to Priya

I looked,

Priya rebuked the girl and said,

- Come here

The girl said,

- No, I'm not going, I'm myself

I will stay with Ankel ,, !!

He tightened my throat with both hands


Priya got up from there in anger

Pulling the girl out of my lap

Neil ,,

The girl started crying.

Then he turned to the other side and said,

- You can come now!

And go and start your work,

I got out of there,

Come on darling,


As soon as Abir left, Priya

She locked the cabin door and cried

Began to

Priya wants to cry with a shout

Doing ,,,,

But the office says it can't do that

Priya pressed her face with her hands to cry

Lagal ,,

Crying and saying

How could I have my Abir

To talk to

Whom I have more than my life

I love what I did to him

To insult like this ,,,,,

She is saying these things and is crying with her mouth closed


Priya's daughter saw her mother crying and said,

- Mom, don't cry, I'll go

Not to the uncle!

Priya hugged her daughter and cried

Began to

And he said,

- I'm not crying for you to go to him!

I'm more than happy to see you

I became 6

Priya kissed the girl's forehead

Game ,,

Priya now realizes, tomorrow at the shopping mall

Why did he think that Abir was his

Was nearby

So Abir was really in the shopping mall,

Priya wiped away the tears loudly

Took a deep breath

Now the inside of Priya looks a little lighter,

Because today, five years later, Abir

He saw ,,,,,



#Abir I'm moving forward and thinking this is what I deserved,

I once hurt the girl

I gave,

Now I suffer twice as much as the girl

Yes, that's what I deserve


After looking at me from the cabin

Seeing him coming out, Jisan stepped forward

Original ,,

He came and said,

- What, brother, has been our boss for so long

What were you testing? (Jisan

He winked at me)

- ....... (Shut up)

Jisan said again,

- Be careful, brother

We don't wear it, but we wear it


And our madam is having a husband

Own this whole company !!

I said,

- Oh, well!

- Why does your face look like that, brother?

Did something happen to you?

I said with a fake smile,

- No, brother, nothing happened! Father and mother

I remember the words a little So a little mind

Bad ,,!

(Today 3 days my father is sick, please everyone will grieve)

- Well, let's go to work now brother

Read on!


I went to my desk and sat down.

A Malaysian on my right site


Or a girl on the site,

It looks like a Bangladeshi.

Most of the people in this office are Bangladeshi,

The girl sees me sitting next to her


- Oh, I'm Afrin Jannat Raisa,

He turned his hand towards me

Dil ,,

I shake hands

To do

I said,

- Are you Bangladeshi?

- Yes ..!

Shall I say something?

- Say yes!

- You look so handsome


I didn't say anything, just one with difficulty

I smiled

Don't cut the story,

It's hard to sort out a story, I waste my time writing stories for you ,,,

Request to everyone! Everyone will like and comment. When I see your like comments, I want to write stories all day long

Thanks Itih (that boy in the story) sorry for bothering you in the middle of the story.


As soon as I turn on the computer

Priya's daughter came and appeared.

Uncle Uncle says in my lap

Sat up

I said,

- Why are you coming to me again?

Your mother will talk?

- No, don't talk, I am the one who tells my mother

I'm here!

- Well, what's your name?

- Hi ...!

Priya's daughter's name is her own name

Keeping up with

I pressed her cheek with both hands and said,

- Very nice name, and you too

Cute ,,

- Uncle, this is me too

Let's do it !!

Saying that with his small hands

He pressed his cheek and smiled.

I looked at her and saw her smile

I stayed,

Hiya is smiling like Seim Diya.

Then Hiya put her hand on my beard


- What's the name of Uncle Egula?

- These are called beards!

Hiya smirked with her hand on her cheek

He said

- Why don't I have one?

I laughed when I heard this,

I laughed when I heard him

I said,

- You'll never get up

Mommy, because you're a girl

I said again,

- Well, Mommy, where is your father now?

- Who's Dad?

- You don't know your father?

Priya has been standing for so long


And you're smiling ..

Hiya to remain silent on Abir's question


Priya came forward towards them and said,

- Hiya calls her father Papa?

Suddenly looking back at someone's words

I saw Priya,

Seeing Priya, I got up from my seat

Wait !!


Priya said that and looked at me


I looked down at him and said,

- Sorry madam, actually your daughter

To me ...

Without telling me, Priya said,

- It's OK !!

Then Priya Hiya from my side

He said to pick it up.

- Let's eat something, not from home

You ate and left !!

He looked at me once and left

Lagal ,,

Raisa from the side has been with us for so long


Told me

- Do you know our madam?


I was silent when I heard the girl's question

Stay tuned !!

I will tell the girl to understand something


- Yes ... !!

Raisa asked me some more questions

As I said before,

- Excuse me, I'm coming!

I went to the wash room of the office

I started to go,


Jisan and I stood at the end of the office

I'm out of the office,

I was waiting for the bus at the office.

Jisan told me,

- Brother, you stay here, I'll go

I see the bus is not coming yet


After saying this, Jisan left,

I'm standing alone, anxious.

With Priya Hiya in her lap from behind

Came out

Hiya sees me from Priya's lap

Come down to me, real.

He came in front of me and said with a smile,

- Uncle, bow your head too !!

I had to lower my head to my cheek

Play a kiss!

Then Hiya went to Priya and held her hand

Began to pull,

Priya said,

- What happened? Why are you pulling me

- Come on, Mom!

Hiya pulls Priya in front of me


Priya looked at me once

Take it down!

Hiya said,

- Kiss Mommy Uncle !!

We both have big eyes on each other

I looked up,

Priya blushed in shame,

Then he rebuked Hiya and said,

- What's going on?

I told Priya,

- Please don't talk to her, me

I'm explaining to him,

I knelt down and put my hand on her cheek

I said,

- Listen, mother, your mother

Your father means your sin

Except to kiss any other boy

Can't !!

- But Mom doesn't kiss Papa,

Mom, look at your photo ....

Priya Hear pressed her face,

Then he took Hiya in his lap and said,

- Come on, it's getting late !!

He looked at me once

Get in the car!

He got in the car and shook my hand

Tata began to give,

I shook his hand and gave him a tata.


I also went to the hotel,

Duke took off his shirt in the room and took a towel

I went to the bathroom.

Duke left the shower in the bathroom

I stood under the shower

The inside of the chest feels very heavy,

There is a lot of pain inside the chest

It's my fault I'm my little daughter

I lost 6

If I give him a surprise that day

I would not go out of the house for, then

Let me see him in this condition today

Would not

My tears and shower water

One is falling down !!

I don't have my baby anymore,

Now she's someone else's wife,

The mother of another's daughter,

I don't know why when his daughter comes to me

I know I forget all the trouble,

Now I think of myself

I am comforting that whatever happens to me

The little one is happy, as long as he is happy

Hall, I don't want anything else.

My happiness is the happiness of the beloved !!

After staying under the shower for a long time

I came out of the bathroom.

The next day

Jisan is ready to go to the office

He came to my room and said,

- Are you ready, brother?

No? Is the office bus coming?

I said,

- Brother Jisan, you are in the office bus

Let's go, I'll take a taxi later

Let's go!

- All right, I'll go, you

But don't be late? New new

Joined the office late

There may be problems but 6

- Well, that

I wondered what else I had

Would it be okay to go in front of Priya?

When he is happy, then he is not happy!

Why should I stand in his way !!

So I thought in front of me and Priya

I will not go


Meanwhile, Hiya held her mother for a long time

Check it out, Mommy Uncle still

Why aren't you coming?

Comes to office with)

Priya is telling her daughter,

- Come on, come on now !!

Priya also thought,

When does the office bus leave?

Original, but why not Abir real

On the office bus?

Abir will not come to the office?

Abir can tolerate me

No !!

So is he in the office for me?

Won't you come?

Do I see my Abir anymore


He will never see Abir again

Inside Priya's chest as soon as she remembers the words


Tears come out of my eyes.


He stood in front of his cabin for so long

Was ,,

Suddenly I noticed that Abir was knocking on the door.

There was a smile on Priya's face.

Hiya saw Abir and went round

Abir grabbed both legs,


I pulled Hiya into my lap,

I kissed her on the cheek,

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

I'm in love with that darling girl,

Hiya swelled her cheeks and said,

- Uncle, I'm the one talking to you

I won't say, you're so late


- Sorry, I see the cutie's face!

Hiya rolled her face to the other side.

This time I want to tickle Hiya

I thought,

Hiya giggled and laughed.


Priya looks at them with a smile

Wipe out and take a deep breath into the cabin

Gone ,, !!



I spend all day with Hiya

I stayed,

The girl is talking a lot.

And I laughed when I heard that


Priya repeatedly came out of the cabin

After watching them for a while,

Then own again with a smile

Goes to the cabin,

That's how the whole day went.

Jisan came and said,

- Brother, don't go to the hotel? The office

It's over !!

# Wear stories but don't like or comment, there are those who are there, please don't wear stories ,,,, I am requesting with folded hands ,,,

I was shocked to hear about my departure

Grabbed by the throat,

- No, Uncle won't go !!

I told Jisan,

- Brother Jisan, you are in the office bus

Let's go !!

I'll take a taxi in the morning!

Jisan is gone,

After a while Priya came out of the cabin

He came to us and said to Hiya,

- Come on, let's go home !!

Hiya hid her face on my shoulder this time.

Then he said,

- No, I'm not going !!

I said,

- Let's get in your car

Coming with !!

Come out of the office and in front of Priya's car

Aslam ,,

Priya got in the car first,

I told Hiya,

- Look at me!

Hiya looked up from my shoulder,

I said,

- Go home now, you did that

But I'll be back tomorrow

No !!

Hiya got in the car after listening to me

Sit down

I got there with a kiss on her cheek

I started to leave,

Suddenly Priya called from behind,

- Listen to that !!


I love those who share stories so much

Thousands of love remained for them

I looked back and saw,

Priya is out of the car !!

I said,

- Say yes !!

- How did you get off the office bus?

Will you go ??

You are surprised to hear Priya's call

I looked into his eyes,

Priya said again,

- I'm asking you a question ??

- Oh, yes, I'll take a taxi !!

- If you don't mind, I will

I can deliver you !!

- Thank you .. I don't need to leave

I can !!

Priya blackened her face.

Hiya said,

- Why don't you come with us?

I no longer looked at Hear's face

I couldn't do it !!

I got in their car,

I'm on one side and on the other side

In the middle

Hiya got up on my lap and sat down,

No one is talking,

After being silent for a while, Priya rushed


- Is your wife here in Malaysia?

Did you bring it with you?

I laughed when I heard Priya's words.

- Ha ha ha ha ,,, wife ha ha ha!

- Why are you smiling? I'm laughing

I said?

- I don't have a wife !!

- You mean? Are you all weird

Are you saying ??????

#Will_take ??

# Note: Forgive the mistake and look at it with beautiful eyes.

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