Senior cousin when romantic (Episode 2)

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Episode 2

Then I put my hand on her waist and she trembled. I put medicine on my sister's waist.

Me: You're in a lot of pain, aren't you?

Naima: Not so much.

Me: Sorry. I woke up and got scared when I saw something like that.

Naimah: All the pain has been cured by the touch of her hand.

Me: You won't go to college today.

Naimah no.

Me: Then sister, go to your room and rest, I will go to college fresh.

Naina: You can't go to college today.

Me: Why?

Naimah: Who hurt me?

Me: Me

Naimah: Then who will serve me?

Me: Me.

What did I say, Ray?

Naimah: Hmm, you will be with me all day today.

Me: I have a useful job in college.

Naimah: I know the necessary work. .

The job is to flirt with the girls.

Me: No, sister, I have to go to college today.

Naimah: I'm not doing it once

Me: Okay.

I know, even if you say a thousand will not work ,,,

So I went to the washroom to freshen up

I came to the room fresh. I see my sister is checking my phone, it's her daily work.

I have a Facebook password and he still doesn't believe it. Apu left the phone when she saw me, I broke even without looking.

Me: Are you having breakfast?

Naimah: When did I come to call you now?

Me: Lie him down. I'll eat and bring it for you.

Naimahum ya.

Then I went downstairs, came downstairs and sat at the dining table, Aunty Amma came and served the food. I ate and asked to give food for my sister. Aunty Amma gave me food, I came to my room with a plate of food.

I came to the room and told you to eat ...

Apu: I will not eat

Me: Why?

Naimah: If someone had fed me, I would have eaten.

Me: If you say direct without so much nyakamo, then you have to feed it.

Naimah: Why should I say? You don't understand

Me: No.

I took the plate in my hand and my sister came forward and sat down. I fed one Lokma Apu. Then she slowly finished all the food. He has to do mischief while eating, Satan Maya has bitten every finger.

I came down with the plate. I came back to the room.

Me: Sleep now.

Apuh no

Me: What will you do now?

Apu: I will tell the story.

Me: Then let's go to the balcony.

Apu: Can I go alone or not?

Me: Don't come.

Then I went to the balcony with Naima Apu. Sitting on the balcony, my sister and I started talking. Apu laughed in the middle of the conversation. Apur has a tool on her cheek, it's my crush. I looked at the tool on my sister's cheek.

Apu: What do you see?

Me: Nothing.

Apu: Tell me.

Me: I like your tool a lot.

Naimah: I don't like it.

Me: I like you as a sister too.

Naimah: Dog, am I saying love as a sister?

Me: Then.

Naimah: As a wife.

Me: Oh 6

It was noon when we were talking.

Me: Didn't the pain subside?

Apu: Yes, it has decreased.

Me: Go to freshen up at noon.

Apu: Okay.

Then my sister left, I also went to the washroom, went to the washroom and took a shower.

Then I changed my dress. After a while I was called for lunch and I went to have lunch.

I went and saw that my sister had not come, I went to her room again to call, I saw her sitting in front of the mirror drying her hair.

Me: It takes you so long.

Apu: Sit down.

Me: Okay.

I picked up my sister's mobile bed, I took the wallpaper in my hand and gave it to me. No one else has such a peak.

Apu: It's over, let's go

Me: Hmm, let's go.

Then Naima Apu and I went downstairs to have lunch. After lunch I went to my room and came to Aslam's room and saw that Ronnie had called three times. Ronnie is my friend. I called back.

Me: Say yes Ronnie.

Ronnie: That's not real in college today.

I: Apu did not let me come.

Ronnie: Oh. I'm going to crush him this afternoon.

Me: Well.

Ronnie: Remember.

Me: Hmm, there will be.

Then I went to bed, I do not even know when I am lying down with my eyes closed.

In the afternoon my sister came to my room and saw that

I'm lost.

Apu: Don't get up this Nahid.

Me: Why?

Apu: I feel bored at home, I will go out.

I: Go

Apu: Should I go alone or not ????


Then I felt bad when I heard what my sister said. May Allah take me up, I have been reading all day about what is hurting me a little.

# Will continue.

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