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Exactly 4 days after my and Sraboni's marriage, I noticed that our housemaid is no longer coming. I then tell my mother,

- Mom, is Shefali sick? I haven't seen him for two days

Mother replied,

- I don't need a working girl anymore. You have to pay so much money in just a month. Moreover, now there is a mother-in-law

I didn't say anything to my mother anymore. Standing on the balcony, I just thought, after my marriage, my mother said goodbye to the maid, while my younger sister gave me a maid along with the gift items when I got married.

As I was thinking these things, Sravani stood behind me and said,

- Shall I tell you something?

I looked at him and said,

- Hmm, tell me

Sravani then bowed her head and said,

- I'd like a pair of sandals. Having trouble moving after heel shoes

After hearing the word from Sravani's mouth, I felt very ashamed. My wife has been wearing heel shoes for 4 days and I didn't notice it. I should have noticed. I then said to Sravani,

- Okay, I'll bring it today

When I returned home in the evening, I bought a pair of sandals for Sravani. When I entered the house with the sandals wrapped in paper, I noticed that my mother was talking to my aunt next door. Mom looked at my hand and said,

- Kiri, is it in your hand?

Before I could answer, Aunty, who was sitting next to me, pursed her lips and smiled.

~ What else to bring, Sandesh must have brought sweets for his wife in secret. Now the son-in-law will close the door and eat together. Don't even think about giving it to your mother

I removed the paper and said to my aunt,

--I brought a pair of Bata sandals for my wife for 75 rupees. Now if you find it sweet, you can sit down with tea and eat it too

Saying this, I put a pair of sandals on my aunt's lap and entered the room. Then I looked at Shravani and said,

--If Aunty doesn't eat the sandals, then if Aunty leaves, put the sandals on her feet and see if they are okay.

Sraboni smiled and said,

-All right

Sravani's forehead turned blue to suppress the smile. I was fascinated by her and wondered how a girl can be so beautiful ...



My mother said angrily that I had taken 3 kg of sweets to go to my younger sister's father-in-law's house.

"If I take 3 kg of sweets, the in-laws will tell my daughter various things."

So I took 6 kg of sweet 2 kg of yoghurt and 1 kg of rasamlai that day. But today when I go to my father-in-law's house with Sraboni, my mother said,

- The in-laws don't need to take so much. Two kilos of sweets, half a kilo, half a kilo should be taken in 4 packets.

I didn't answer when I heard my mother's words, I just smiled a little and looked at Shravani and she was trying to hide her tears.

Sraboni did not say a word to me in the bus. Just looking out the window of the bus. When I got off the bus and got on the rickshaw, I told Sraboni,

- Where do you find good sweets here?

Sravani then told me,

- Pius, even if you go to our house empty-handed, your care will not be so lacking.

I then grabbed Sravani's hand tightly and smiled and said,

- Crazy ...

When I returned home with Sraboni on the 3rd day after staying at my father-in-law's house for two nights, my mother opened the door and said the first thing,

- I forgot my mother after taking care of my mother-in-law. What mantras did your mother-in-law teach you?

I then looked at my mother with tired eyes and said,

- Mom, I've come a long way. Talking to you later ...

Sitting at the dining table, mother looked at Shravani and said,

- Booma, I didn't tell you to cook with dried potatoes. Why did you cook with eggplant instead?

Sravani then said,

- Mom, we cook here with dried eggplant lightly soaked. It will be good if you try it once

Mom then laughed and said,

- Now you have started acting like yourself without listening to your mother-in-law. The rest of the day is after

Sraboni understood exactly what her mother had said, so she bowed her head and said,

- It won't be so wrong next time, mother ...



After a quarrel with her mother-in-law, her younger sister Maliha stayed at our house for 13 days. Of course Sayem (Maliha's husband) came twice to take Maliha but mother told Sayem directly not to give Maliha. Only if Sayem takes a separate flat will he let Maliha go. Her daughter will not be able to follow her mother-in-law's orders

Sayem has come again today. Sitting in the drawing room, Sayem told his mother that he had taken a separate flat. Now he will be different with Maliha. Hearing the words from behind, I went to the drawing room. I looked at Sayem and smiled and said,

- Come on, finally you came to your senses

Happy Eid in mother's eyes then. Mom smiled and said,

- Come on, Dad, this time I'm free. I will not worry about the girl anymore. Hey, is it the eighties or is it that the mother-in-law has to take care of the family together? This is the year 2020. The girls of this age always want to decorate the world in their own way. Nowadays, is there a day to follow the orders of the mother-in-law?

At that time Sraboni entered the drawing room with breakfast. I then said to Sravani,

- Go, get dressed and go to your father's house

Sraboni looked surprised and said,

- I mean!

I was a little angry and said,

- That means you go to your father's house now. And when I go to fetch you, you will tell me straight away that if you take a separate flat, you will not come before me. Hey, you are a girl of this age. You also want to organize the world in a different way with your husband. Nowadays, is there a day to follow the orders of the mother-in-law?

Sravani then cried and said,

-Pias! Please

I then rebuked him and said,

- Do what I say

Sraboni went to another room crying. Mother, younger sister and younger sister's husband all looked at me in amazement. I then told my mother,

--If I can have a maid in my house before marriage, then why can't I have a maid after marriage? You got married and brought the son's wife. You didn't bring the working girl.

If I take 3 kg of sweets to my younger sister's house then everyone will listen to my younger sister. And if I take 2 kg of sweets to my father-in-law's house, won't the people of his house listen to Sravani?

Your daughter can't follow her mother-in-law's orders, but every morning the son's wife wakes you up and asks you, mother, what will I cook rui fish with

Well, mother, what is the problem with your mothers-in-law? Why don't you look at your son's wife like your own daughter? Is it only the son's wife's fault that boys are separated from their parents nowadays? Is there no fault of the mother-in-law?

Mom just listened quietly without answering my question. I then looked at Sayem and said,

- I thought you were a good boy. If I had known you were spineless, I would never have married my sister to you It is normal for the mother-in-law to have a quarrel with the wife, but for this, do you have to leave your parents and live in a separate flat? The wife is angry and has come to the father's house. One day will mean two days to the wife, three days will mean a slap on the cheek. If you still don't go, stay here for the rest of your life and I'll divorce you. When you hear about divorce, you don't have to do anything else.

Sayem bowed his head and said,

- I'm sorry, brother

I looked at my younger sister and said,

- Why can't you see your mother-in-law in the mother's eyes. Remember, one day you too will be a mother-in-law, then if the son's wife does this to you, you will understand how much it hurts ...



The bus will leave. Looking out the window, Sraboni cried and said to me,

- Pius, I'm not going

I smiled and said,

- I will come to take you with me as soon as the difference between the son's wife and my daughter is removed from the mother's mind.

The bus disappeared from sight for a while. The mind knows how to listen. Still, I reassured myself that I had struggled for a few days to be good to everyone.

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So sad love story. Nice article dear. Keep it up

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Thanks dear

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