Middle class family

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3 years ago

Middle class family

Something that flows in the lives of boys

Words: -


1) 10 rupees in the pocket

Going to college,

Tired of walking some way and saving 5 rupees

Be at home

Left on the way back

With 5 rupees

5 rupees sitting in the hotel

One Peaches Singara

When you put it in your mouth

Then from behind

An old friend came and said

☞ "Khabi alone

Don't give it to me "

Then one


Food left behind

Give it to him.


2) Friends when their Girlfriend

With whom

When traveling

One sitting quietly in the canteen

No more drinking a glass of water


See Love Story.


Sitting quietly

The reason is the middle class

Of the family


The right to love

If you say no.


The girls are them

Avoid ...!


3) Like us

Middle class and lower

Wealthy family boys

Love does not lie on the forehead.


And, what?

We will lie

No bike, no moneybag

Fat all the time

Does not exist.


4) Tuition money

If you want to,

☞ Not this month, not next month.


5) College / Teacher

To pay

To reduce late fee



6) Rose going to college

Time with Dad


Then the face turns black

Get out of the house.


6) Do not eat in the stomach

Even if someone is like

If you jiggle, smile-face

বলা I'm fine.


6) Very old

When meeting friends,

They tea /

If you want to smoke cigarettes

The face is heavy

"Sorry dude


Didn't get the wallet

Forget home

"I'm leaving ..."


9) If friends picnic or

Invite to go to a program


Then them

Lack of money from

Speak in secret



My friend


I have it in front of me

Student or student examination

I will not go another day later.


10) For parents

When will you do something?

When all the friends

The mind can go on as it pleases

Stay in that thought!


11) Something for yourself

How to buy

Save money

That is to think.



Also a lot

In acting


Life is to be lived ...

The words were copies but the hardships are the same ,,,, !! well being born as middle class what a big crime?

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3 years ago


Nice one... You can still lift the person low self esteem....make him understand his not the only one...he should thank God that, Atleast can walk... While some are begging God to have such legs to be able to move freely without any support from anyone or machines...thanks

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3 years ago

Thank you for your valuable comments

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It seems you have someone close to you in this forum

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3 years ago

Yes I am😥

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