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Today my husband came to my house to

Relief season are you here? (Come to me)

I didn't want to stay there anymore.

(In a sad voice)

Rahat: When did you come here?

I came four months ago. Sorry you weren't told because you were busy with Riha. (I said this out of sadness and pride)

Rahat-hmm !!! I didn't go to the plot anymore, so I didn't know about you anymore.

I-Hmm! Riha is fine and baby? Oh sorry I forgot. She was hurting more because I was there. Now it must be fine. Because I came from there.

The relief is not so much the season.

I - omit all that. Okay, you sit down. I'll call my father wherever I go.

Rahat went and sat on the sofa. And I sent my father to Rahat and came to the room.

Rahat-Abbu Ritu is pregnant once.

Dad, what can I say to relieve you. Suddenly one day at midnight Ritu comes home. I wondered if there was any problem. But my idea proved wrong Ritu informed me and is going to be a mother. Today she is telling me whether she will be a mother or not and she is going to be a mother. If I tell you this news, then the season forbids me.

It is necessary to ban the relief season. Not to be this mother

I have not done anything less wrong with him. He is just right from his place, father. (Crying)

Dad, did you do everything on purpose or did you do it because of your mother? And the season knows this very well.

Relief - I did not do anything with my mother's words, but I did the rest with my mother's words, father.

Dad, well, leave it at that and tell me what you came for. Certainly something important.

Rahat-hum abbu.

Tell Daddy-Okay quickly.

Relief - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dad-what ??? How is this possible. And besides, the season will be very difficult to hear it. My daughter is already suffering from a young age.

Rahat-hum !!! Still think about it. Rahat left our house.

(Rahat is my husband's full name Rahat Khan.

He is the only child in the family. Rahat owns a very big company. Rahat is very beautiful to look at like his mother. Even after five years of our marriage, I don't have a baby, so today there is such a distance between the two of us.)

Rahat went home and started breaking everything. Seeing his trunk, his mother and father and the rest of the working people also got very scared. When Rahat broke things, he cut his hand and started bleeding. Now his father came and calmed him down.

Rahat's father - what happened to Rahat?

Rahat's mother - why did you do this?

Relief-season pregnant.

Rahat's mother-father-what ???

Rahat-Yes, Dad, Ritu is pregnant. Exactly what you said has happened. (Crying)

Rahat's mother - how is this possible? The doctor said that the season will never happen.

Rahat: This has happened to you, mother, only for you. Thinking about you, my season has requested me to listen to all your words. But who knew that you would tell me to break up the girl's family. (Crying)

Rahat's mother-relief, did I know that all these things were false. (Crying)

Rahat: Even if you don't know how you can become such a girl and put such a difficult condition on the husband of another girl. I have heard all your words only because of the request of the season. If you are in front, her baby will be harmed. In the words of Bass Riha, you told me that I did it to keep the season somewhere far away. Now tell me which of these is your unknown mother. (Crying)

Rahat's mother-relief I didn't really understand that anything could happen. (Crying)

Rahat: What else do you understand, mother? The lives of two pregnant girls are going to be ruined today for your childishness. What else will you understand?


Me-dad what are you saying i am again ......

Dad-yes, it's the season, it's really a relief, he told me all this. I am also surprised to hear this. But it can also be the last wish of a human being.

(Sorry, my identity is not given. I am Farzana Haque Ritu. I don't have a mother, so my father is my mother and my father is my father. Lots of stories.)

I'll tell you tomorrow morning.

Dad, all right, let me know tomorrow morning. (Saying this, Dad leaves my room and leaves the room)

When my father left, I sat down and thought about the relief. Suddenly I thought of something and decided to accept the relief. However, if you ask Rahat, he will not be able to tell the truth.

- It will work.

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