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Shuvo was caught trying to give a gift to Khushbu with Khushbu's money. The poor man did not know that his own girlfriend Ifra had stolen his purse. As punishment, they have to eat in the most expensive restaurant in the city. Khushboo is sitting on the corner table. With Shubh and Ifra. Khushboo is looking at a man in his fifties who is looking at him repeatedly. Khushboo is very surprised. Looking at the man's outfit, it looks like he may have come for office work. Because with two more. And seeing them, it is understood that they are foreigners. About half an hour later, the two foreigners left, but the locals remained. Carefully remove the pencil compass from the perfume bag. Khushboo went quietly and sat down on the chair in front of the man. The man stared at the scent. Khushbu smiled and said,

"Hello, Taklu sir!"

The man made two small eyes and looked at the scent. And said with a serious face,

“Rude girl! Don't know how to respect adults ?? "

“Not at all. That is why I came to learn from you. Teach me, sir? "

The man frowned,

"What do you mean you have come to learn?" It's not your play-nursery school that will teach this. "

"Then look at me."

"I mean keep looking ??"

"I mean, don't steal like this and look straight ahead."

The man muttered,

“But you call me a thief. I am like your father. "

“Not at all. My father is not like you at all. ”

"I didn't say that."

"Then how did you say ??"

The man said angrily,

"I did not look at you on purpose. I thought I knew you. "

“Flirting with a knee-length girl in old age! One leg has gone to the grave. It's better to have time. "

"Look girl, you misunderstand me."

He took a picture from his phone and showed it to Khushboo. Khushbu looked at the picture in astonishment. A. That is his reflection. But how is that possible! Suchitra Sen looks like the heroine of the time.

The man was quite happy to see Khushbu be shocked. He said excitedly

"You see, I didn't say I knew you."

"Wait a minute, wait!"

The man immediately stood up at the scent. Khushbu said annoyed,

“Hey, sit down. I told you to wait. "

"Why wait?"

"Because I'll think about it."

"Oh, all right."

"I understand everything. Now the matter is clear. ”

“What do you mean? Why don't I understand ?? "

"I have to look exactly like my mother," said Jethu. Maybe you knew my mother. "

"Wait, wait, wait a minute."

"Wait or wait ??"


"I'm doing."

"What's your mother's name?"

"No, Arunima."

"What else could I say in love?"

"Did you love my mother ??"

The man muttered,

"No, not at all. I just had a girlfriend. ”

Khushboo pointed the compass in his hand in front of him, widened his eyes and said,

“Tell the truth. Otherwise, I will make your body tingle with this compass. ”

The man panicked and replied,

“I used to live. But she married the boy of her choice and left. Didn't pay any price for my choice. Rude girl! ”

“And what about you ?? Couldn't marry a girl ?? Shh! ”

"Look, you're insulting me."

“Well done. What about you calling my mother rude ?? ”

"But you are also arguing with me."

"I'm doing it."

"Do you know who I am?"

“Oh mother! You don't know who you are, why are you asking me ?? "

"If I want, I can hand you over to the police with a defamation case. Sarwar Chowdhury can do whatever he wants. Do you understand ?? ”

Khushboo has become an idol for some time after hearing the word. The man is Sarwar Chowdhury, what a terrible thing! Khushbu mumbled and said,

"You are Rabit Chowdhury's father, aren't you?"

“Tell me, Rabit is the son of Sarwar Chowdhury. The identity of the son in the name of the father, stupid girl! ”

After saying that, Sarwar Chowdhury left. And the fragrance is sitting like a statue. He had a quarrel with Rabit's father! If he goes and tells everything to Rabit. Then will Rabit keep him whole? Or twist the smoke ??

Khushboo did not go to varsity that day. The next day he entered the varsity with a lot of courage. But did he know how much bad news was waiting for him! As soon as he set foot, Shuvo informed him that he was having an affair with Rabit or a girl. And the girl is showing her and Rabit's close pictures at varsity. Khushboo doesn't know how everyone else feels, but he thinks the word is stuck in his heart like an arrow. He swings and goes to Rabit. On the way, it seemed that the road was not ending. Why is it taking so long to go to the other side of the campus Khushbur ?? His legs are going numb! But looking at Rabit, it doesn't seem like so much is going on with him at varsity. The light of hope is shining in Khushboo's mind. Rabit can't do anything like that. He looked into Rabit's eyes and asked in a sad tone,

"Is the girl telling the truth ??"

Rabit answers with a black face,


Khushboo felt as if someone was tearing his heart out. The eyes are getting blurred. There is a buzzing sound near the ears. The scent went on swaying as it came swaying. Shubh Path stuck and said,

“I know Khushboo, you love him. But please, don't cry. Looking at your face, it seems that you will immediately burst into tears. ”

Khushbu said in a broken voice,

“I’m not like you, Shubh. If that is rejected, I will eat rat poison. ”

Good mood has gotten worse along the way. He came to comfort Khushbuke. And he insulted her! The people of the world are becoming very cruel nowadays. Shubh has made a vow in his heart that he will never be able to comfort anyone again.

Khushbu didn't go to varsity for about a week. He is struggling to control himself. Although Khushboo is very strong-minded, I know why he is completely stunned when it comes to Rabit. She can't eat at the dinner table at night. Sometimes it happens that he falls asleep while sitting with food. Once again, he fell asleep at the study table at night, biting his nails. Ever since I took a bath or thought about Rabit, the afternoon has passed. But now he is mature enough. He promised in his heart that he would not suffer for Rabit anymore. Don't think about it. No one is Rabit, no one. A week later, when Khushboo went to varsity, the inside of his chest trembled. The inside became hahaha. A kind of emptiness lingered in his mind. He moves forward as if he is stepping on the ground. When I set foot in the class, everyone was shocked to see him. Khushbu himself eats vambachaka. Shubh ran and said,

“My God! Fragrance, have you come to varsity ?? I thought you were married. "

Then Ephra came and slapped him on the cheek. He puffed his lips in anger and said,

“You bastard! Who gave the news of her marriage to everyone without knowing the truth ?? "

Shubh's face is made of pangs and he looks at Khushboo. Khushboo is very upset about him. Everyone is saying that the varsity has not come for some time and he is getting married. What an awkward situation! Khushbu growled angrily and stepped towards the library. That many days of reading are frozen. But did he know that he would meet Rabit there! Seeing the fragrance, he left as if he didn't see it. But he just looked sideways. And as soon as he looked, his chest throbbed and moved. His insides are twisting. When he went to pick up the book from the shelf, another hand came from a little higher and brought the book. The scent can be felt quite by Rabit. As soon as he leaves, Rabit says,

"If you don't take the book."

Without looking at the scent, he said,

“I will take it one time. You can take it if you need. ”

Rabit stood in front of Khushboo and said,

“Other times I used to look at me in secret. Did you leave your eyes at home today ?? ”

Khushboo's heart rate has started to double. What a defeat! Did he see it ?? Let's see, what is it ?? She would never look him in the eye again.

"Isn't the word going to the ears?" Or ears at home ?? ”

Khushbu puffed her lips and said,

“You can say if you need to. I don't have time to listen to these nonsense. "

If Khushboo looked at Rabit, he could see that his eyes were burning like fire. Rabit said in a serious tone,

“Am I talking nonsense ?? Isn't it nonsense that the news of your marriage is saying that the varsity is happy ?? "

"Tell me, what about him?" Happy my friend. So he can say whatever he wants. But who are you to me ?? Why should I listen to you ?? ”

Khushbu finished the word, took the book from Rabit's hand and left. If he looked back, he might have seen how the bookshelf was lying down! And Rabit is twisting the chair.

I didn't talk to Shubh Khushboo for two days. Two days later, on the day off, Khushbu called to tell him to come to the previous restaurant. Or give him a surprise. The scent goes on as usual. But what a horrible surprise he was waiting for! Looking at Khushbu, Shubh smiled and said,

“Come on, Khushboo. Look, Rabit is giving me a sorry treat. That day slapped that, so. Join us. "

Khushboo did not even look back at Rabit. Instead, he said angrily,

“Good, you are being treated. Please never ask me to waste time for these nonsense. I'm not hangla like you. Do you understand ?? ”

After finishing the word in one breath, Khushboo went away knocking. When he looked back for a moment, he might have run away when he saw the blood on his glass-stained hand. And good luck

Seeing her crying face, maybe she would hold her ear and say sorry. But he did not look.

When he returned home, he was surprised. His brother-in-law's face is twisted like the five of Bengal. Khushboo has never seen him like this in his 21 years of life. The books are lying in front of him, and he is sitting on the floor with his hands on his cheeks and thinking deeply. It seems that he will start writing books this time. When he saw the fragrance, he said,

"Khushboo, your marriage is fine."

Khushboo hears the word and it seems that the soil under his feet is moving. Will he go underground once he moves ?? Will there be a world like a fairy tale ?? Khushboo meditates on his brother-in-law's words,

"Do you agree with the scent?"

Khushbu snorts and says,


He wants to show Rabit that everyone can be weak towards him but Khushboo is not weak at all. But the inside of it just feels empty. Khushbur's brother-in-law heard his answer and said in a frustrated voice,

“Who do you really love, boy? And I thought you didn't think of anything but books. "

"Who do you love, boy?"

“That's why I'm watching. In a word, I agreed to marry her. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

Khushboo doesn't know if his head is spinning or the environment around him. In a panicked tone he said,

"Who are you talking about, brother-in-law?"

His brother-in-law replied angrily,

“Whoa again! Your boyfriend The varsity boy. What's the name? Rabit, no ?? ”

Khushboo thought a lot all night and mixed four in two. What a mule boy! How many lies were told in the name of fragrance! He will have fun when he goes to varsity tomorrow. Khushboo's phone rang at a time when his eyes were catching. Seeing Shubhar's name on the screen, he is in a bad mood

Done. As soon as he received the call, he said in a happy tone,

“Fragrance, but I know about your marriage. Do you know what I'm doing now? "

"Am I with you that I know ??"

“I am practicing dance now to dance at your wedding. Look, people will just stare at my dance without seeing the new wife. ”

Khushbu said angrily,

“Beware! You will not dance. Later you will see people running away from the show after seeing your dance. I wonder where the crazy goat is dancing. ”

Shubh left the phone with a heavy heart. Khas prays to the superior so that no one comes to Khushboo's wedding. No one should even decorate the new wife. He has to get married alone.

Let's go ...

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