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I don't know how the tension started

Mom: ..... why are you looking so worried mom ??????

Me: Not much, Mom, I'm fine

Chhotma: Hey, if you have any problem, feel free to share it with us

Me: Actually ... this morning when we

When I woke up, my father called her and told her that there was a little problem at home, but when I came here, I saw what exactly happened.

Mom: Crazy girl, you don't have to stress that

Me: Mom, don't tell me, otherwise I can't live in peace. I know how the tension is

Chhotma: Hey dad said no tension will be seen later you can do tension will get sick then my case will go in the opposite direction.

Me: Please mom don't tell me you didn't say I am your own daughter then you have your own daughter why are you hiding all this

Mom: Listen to him then, when your father started a new business, some thug type people sat next to him asking for money but your father was reluctant to pay money ...

There is a lot of debate about that

Once those thugs threatened your father that your father would kill him.

And your father recorded it and took it to the police and the police arrested them

They were sentenced by the court to 15 years.

Their sentence expired yesterday and they were released from jail. They called your father after he was released from jail

They will either let your father live or kill him wherever they see him

My mother cried while saying the words. I realized that her state of mind is not right now because only a married woman can understand the state of mind of any woman's husband if someone threatens to kill him.

Me: See who will comfort my father if you break up like this. And after the two of you break up like this, then you are your children

Everyone tries to keep themselves better than no one will know what to do.

Chhotma: Big Afa Bauma is right, because what will Mahin do if he is angry with his father ...

That's why there won't be anything with so much tension

Everyone has to take action thoughtfully

Mahin: Mom is very hungry, you have cooked something

Mom: Everything is cooked and laid on the table. You and Bauma eat together

Me: No, I don't want to eat now. I don't want to eat now

Mahin: Come with me without blabbering on

I looked at his face and saw that his condition was not so good. Maybe he got the news.

So let's get up like an obedient girl and start following her. She sat down at the dining table

And I started to give him the food

Mahin: What is the matter that you are giving me everything without eating

Me: I will eat when you finish eating

Mahin: I don't want a different tension in my head so sit quietly or I don't know what to do. I'm very angry but I see your behavior.

Then I said nothing and started eating quietly

I am eating but I do not want to eat

He looked at me and saw that he was not eating just to move the food

Me: How can there be so much tension with this little thing

Mahin: He threatened to kill my father and said that he would be killed wherever he saw him and that it was a small matter

Me: Yes, I'm saying it's a small matter because my father is old. From now on you will go to the regular office. You will take care of everything. Dad will be at home.

Mahin: But you didn't say that, but I don't say anything in the office except my father.

Me: This is the digital age. You are always with me in video calls. Show me where the problem is. Dad will be able to solve it from home.

And I'm confident you can take care of yourself enough ...

Mahin: Quickly finish the meal and come to my father's room. We all want to talk about this in my father's room.

Then very quickly after finishing the meal we called everyone and went to my father's room and saw that my father is lying in bed maybe he is still having a lot of tension because they are now in the face of life doubt it is normal tension.

He was a little surprised to see all of us in the morning .. He got up from the bed and sat on the bed

Dad: No problem all of a sudden in this room together like this

Mom: We didn't have a problem, but all of a sudden I came to talk to you.

Dad: Well, tell me, mother, don't be upset anymore. I haven't been able to talk to you since you came

Me: Dad, it doesn't matter, we don't have to get rid of the trouble we are in now, otherwise I will end up constantly.

Father: Look, mother, we don't have any power that I can apply on them ...

Me: He will go to the office from tomorrow and where will you stay ...

Father: Mahin doesn't know much about work in the office. And my client doesn't know him much. If our business will come down slowly then ..

Me: Dad, why are you so tense? Why are you staying at home? When needed, you will join the video call everywhere.

Ammu: There is an argument in his words. If we are silently wrapping up all the work of those qualities, then you have to take to the streets.

Mahin: Dad, you are causing unnecessary tension. Manager's uncle is there. I will get everything done soon. I will call you again.

Dad: Well, do what you think is best, but if everything is a little bit sidetracked, there will be a lot of business, but business will be a lot of things where the enemy is always with you. Will always work thoughtfully

Mahin: Dad, you don't have to be tense, I will always work with my eyes and ears open.

Dad: Well, do you rest now? You will be very upset again from tomorrow, so rest a little today.

Then we went to our room

Mahin: You know I will miss one thing from tomorrow

Me: If you keep this thing with you, then don't miss it

Mahin: It's a thing that goes under his own. He doesn't go under me. He doesn't want to listen to me. So how is that possible?

Me: Well listen to that thing ??

Mahin: Your pink lips that always draw me to you like an addict.

Me: You don't get a place to hide, don't you?

Mahin: What did I say to be rude here that you thought was rude

Me: Twelve of my lips have played and left, how beautiful it was before, now the mind wants to see it .....

Mahin: Tell me why it happened when it stopped.

Well from tomorrow I will not sit all day will not miss me ??

Me: Who are you that you have to miss?

Mahin: What ??

Let's go .

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