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2 years ago

Kissing girlfriend. For a long time

I got thirsty as a result of kissing. His

Regemege face to ask for water

Sprinkled with water.

Simi: What can you do? A little thirsty



I: If you hold on for so long, you will be thirsty

You will get it.


There was a thumping sound on his cheek.

I jumped up quickly. Cheeks

Sitting on the bed with hands. Next to

Aunt Tanni with a glass in her hand

Is standing.


Tannihki so karis re dream you yes?


I: No, I mean nothing. Tu-tu-tui is mine

Why in the room? And you sprinkled water on your face



Tanni: You wake up even after calling so much

I did not see the water sprinkled. Varsity

It's getting late for. Get ready. Yours

I am also late for.


I forbade you to go? You

Which I will not go.


Tanni: Quietly ready to come. Otherwise

I will give one under the ear.


Me: No, I will not go to varsity.


Varsity from the last two months

You're not just going for a girl.

Is he suffering for you that you are yours

You are ruining life. Which is ready.


I: I will not go.


Tannithasasasas. Which is ready. Otherwise

I will give a few more under the ear.


I'm going. Why always Maris?

Don't understand? Everyone just hurts me



Tanni: Ahare. You are the source of good words.

So everyone dies. Ready now please

If not. I'm making breakfast.


Tanni left.


I had a breakup two months ago

With Simi. It would be wrong to say breakup.

Simi left me. Now her

Have a new boyfriend. Him with others

Can't see so go to varsity

I left.


Why did Simi leave me? What

Did I make such a mistake? Every one

I think about you in time. And you? Stay

You are happy


Tanni is right. Whose own

Am I wasting my life? That's me

I don't like it. Own life for him

Don't let it get spoiled.


I will start going to varsity from today.


Give me the identity while I am fresh.

I am Rifat. Eldest son of parents.

I have a younger brother. Tanni is mine

Cousin Thanks to study

Stays in our house. But parents

Thinks his own daughter. From me

Its price is high. He is in all respects

Perfect. Let's study and go

Whatever. And I'm pretty. Tanni R.

I am a classmate. Also good friends.



I'm going out for varsity after eating.

I was taking the bike out of the garage then

I will not ride your bike.


Me: Why?


You run loudly.


I: I am not afraid to drive slowly. Moreover

Being late.


Tanni: Hmmm. But let's run.



I will come to varsity and enter the class then

Madam: Wait.


I: Yes ma'am said.


Madam: You go out.


Me: Why madam? Today is no

I did not disrespect.


Madam: You have been in class for two months

Asani. Why Asani?


Me: Actually, ma'am, I have something

There were personal problems.


Madam: With me at the end of the class

Will meet Sit down now.


Me: Okay ma'am.



I went back and sat with the bastards.

What do you mean friend.



I: Yes ma'am said.

Ma'am, do you have any knowledge?

And the mother tested after a few months.

I don't read just like that. Class on top of that

Excluding. Think about the result

Can you?


Me: Sorry ma'am.


Ma'am, what will happen? You are your life

Understand. But if the result is bad, yours

Will I have dignity in front of my father?

I will come to regular tuition from tomorrow.


Me: Okay ma'am.


- * -----

- I read to ma'am. Ma'am a lot

Good. However, his daughter Simi. He is a lot

Bad. Hate when I think of him

Coming. Hate goes to love

Has arrived.

- I hate profit.



Going out for tuition in the evening.

Not too far from mam's house.

Tanni and I are walking.


I: Tell me.

Tanni: My phone is out of balance

Done. Comes with a little load.

I'm going.


Out of the store with loads

Coming then I saw what Ujjal Tanni did

As if saying. Tanni seems to be getting annoyed.


I am already angry at Ujjal.

Eket Simi is now mine

Looking at the sister.


I went and killed Ujjal.

Tanni dragged me along

Come on.



I'm standing in front of mam's house.

Not wanting to go inside. Because

Simeo falls with us.



I am sitting at the reading table. Simi in front

Is sitting. Or madam next door. Simi

Tanni on the side.


The calling bell rang while reading.

Simi went and opened the door and shouted.

Everyone ran when they heard his screams.

Some people grabbed Ujjal

Has arrived. Bandage on the head. He's here

Why? Will you file a case against me?


The people took him to a room.

With that he fell on the side of the road

Got it. Just broke the head.


I wonder if I ate Horlicks

The power has increased. Otherwise the head will crack

Why? Let there be peace.


But why is he here? Married

Is there a housekeeper?


Madame in the kitchen to heat the milk

There is.

Simi is sitting next to Ujjal.


Tanni's mind also looks bad. Just

I am smiling in my mind.


Me: Ahare !! How much for a boyfriend



Semisat up.


Bright eyes opened and shouted at me

Got up.

What happened? Why are you doing this?

Ujjal: This has killed me.

(Showing me)

সিমিঃঠাসসসস। Dog, you're okay

Why did you kill?


Me: Ask your boyfriend. Oh

My sister was disturbed. So

Killed. Your boyfriend is just like you

Characterless. One with you





# Will continue



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I really like the story. Thank you for sharing such a story

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thanks dear👍

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