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2 years ago

I went straight home.

I wonder who sees it.

If anyone sees their house, it will be a problem.

I will no longer have a job.

My father will not have a job.

I fell into a very sad thought.

My head is not working anymore.

It feels so good to think of Afra again that she loves me.

I liked him too.

But I did not say anything out of fear.

It's getting late.

I sat down to read.

A little later my father came.

I am sitting in my room reading.

Suddenly my father came to my house.

What are you doing Rafi ???

This is my father reading.

I'll tell you something, Dad.


We are poor people.

We don't have big dreams.

We are like weeds in society, big people are always on our heads.

So we don't go with them.

They can only have mercy on us.

It is also wrong to look at the moon as a dwarf.

Why are you saying these things, father ???

Today I saw you and Raisa Mamuni together.

Look, father, whoever is to blame, in the end the fault will fall on you.

There is no end to your relationship.

There will be no fulfillment in this relationship.

Raiser's father will never accept your relationship.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Don't go to their house from tomorrow.

Whatever I say.

Well, Dad, I'll do whatever you say.

Dad left.

I was upset to think of Raiser.

I also fell in love with him.

How can I understand my mind.

I'm crying a lot now.

I decided in my heart that I would never go in front of Raiser again.

But if I go to college, I will meet him again.

Then I will not be able to understand my own mind.

If I don't go to college for a while, then Raisa will surely forget me.

His fascination with me will be cut off.

I lay down on the bed and could not sleep.

Just remember Raiser.

Tomorrow I will go to my uncle's house for a month.

Then maybe time will pass.

I don't know when I fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning.

It's time for them to go home a little later like every day but I can't go today.

What's the matter Rafi is not coming so far ??? (Raisa)

Nothing happened to him.

It's time for college too.

I don't think I will go to college alone today.

He has to go to college and rule well.

I went to college.

I have been looking for him all over the college but I can't find him anywhere.

I was upset not to see him.

I am crying a lot.

He doesn't even remember me once.

He could be so cruel.

I don't like to take classes.

I just remember Rafi.

So I went home. (Raisa)

Although I didn't want to, I went to my uncle's house.

I don't like coming here.

Just remember Raiser.

Then I remembered my father's words.

So I tried to forget Raisa.

But I know my mind can't easily forget him.

Rafi will definitely come today. (Raisa)

Tomorrow may not come for any problem.

But I know he will come today.

College time passed but Rafi did not come.

So I went to college without delay.

But even today Rafi did not come to the college.

Today I can no longer hold back the tears.

My girlfriends are trying to convince me that maybe something happened to Rafi so he couldn't come.

Not to worry.

But I can't understand my mind.

I came home.

I went to bed.

I started crying.

Oki forgot me.

No, something happened to him.

I will tell my father today to know why he is not coming.

Rafi's father also came in the evening.

When my father came inside the house, I asked him.

Baba Rafi has not been coming for two days. I am going to college alone.

Why what happened to Rafi ???

Please don't ask Rafi's father about that.

Well, I'm watching.

Rafi's father come here.

Yes sir said.

Why Rafi has not been coming for two days ???

Sir, he went to his uncle's house for a few days.

Let's go, there is no problem, but I can't say.

Sir, it was an urgent matter.

That's fine. Ask him to come here at home.

Yes sir.

I went to my room. (Raisa)

Rafi went to Mama's house and didn't tell me.

Several days have passed and Rafi has no news.

I didn't go to college anymore.

I just lie in the room all day.

A month has passed.

I came home today.

In these few days, Raisa may have forgotten me a bit.

Maybe forgot.

I will go to college today.

Classes have not been held for many days.

So I went to college.

I wondered if he would tell me something when he saw Raiser.

When I went to college, I didn't see Raisa, but I did see her girlfriends.

I came to the classroom.

I'm lying in bed. (Raisa)

Then my phone rang.

I looked at the phone and saw that my girlfriend had called.

I picked up the phone.

Say hello.

Raisa came to Rafi College today.

You come early.

You're a little late, I'm leaving right now.


I went to college. (Raisa)

Tell Rafi where.

Get out of the classroom now. (Girlfriend)

Hey, it's out.

I ran and hugged Rafi and started crying.

Then I slapped him twice.

Tell me where you have been for so long.

I never remembered my words.

I didn't want to find out if I was alive or dead. (Raisa)

I know what happens to the search. You're fine. (I)

No, I'm not good. (Raisa)

Answer why you did not contact me.

Look, Raisa doesn't live with emotions.

Maybe you love me or like me.

But this love has no value.

Because your family will not accept this love.

No matter how hard you try to convince them, they will never agree.

Because the relationship between rich and poor has never happened and never will.

We are your regular employees so we can never have a love affair with the boss.

You better forget me.

Concentrate on your studies.

This will be good for you.

Forget it ??? (Raisa)

That is never possible.

I do not understand the difference between rich and poor.

If I were poor today would you forget me ???

Some things have to be thought of not only with emotion but also with conscience.

If your father knows all these things, then my father and I will be helpless in front of him.

Whoever has the kindness of our family will be betrayed.

Well, that's exactly what I'm doing. (Raisa)

What do you want to do ???

I will do whatever I want ..

Do you want to tell your father ???

There is no point in knowing that.

Look, you don't do that.

I will no longer work for you.

But it will also leave my father's job.

Then you agree.

No it can't be.

All right, I went. (Raisa)

Raisa left.

I fell into thought.

If he really does something like that, then his father will do something.

Dad, Dad, where are you? (Raisa)

What happened, why are you calling mother ???

I'm your only daughter isn't it ???

Why are you talking all of a sudden ???

You answer my words first.

Yes, you are my only daughter.

So if I want something from you won't you give it to me ???

I will definitely give.

Tell me what you need ???

Tell him before you can't.

All right, tell me.

I like a boy who wants to marry him.

This is a very good thing.

Who is that boy ???

You know who the boy is.

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance.

Rafi I love Rafi a lot dad but he doesn't agree.

Why ???

Because you.

Me ???

Yes you

Why did I do that ???

Because he agreed that you will not agree.

But I said my dad would like whoever I liked.

Am I right Dad?

Hmmm, of course.

I also like whoever my daughter likes.

Then you talk to Rafi's father now.

You don't care I'm talking.

You go to your room now.

Hmmm, I'm going.

Rafi's father come here. (Raiser's father)

Yes sir said.

I have something to say to you.

Yes sir said.

Don't go out here.

Hmmm, let's go.

Sir suddenly want to talk about what needs to go out.

Does he want to talk about Rafi?

I am terrified.

What are you thinking ???

Nothing, sir.

Let's go.

I came out.

Listen, Rafi's father.

I am an established person in the society.

I have a standard of respect in society.

You must know that.

Yes sir, I know that very well.

You definitely don't want my dignity to be ruined.

Of course sir.

My daughter has a crush on me today.

What's up sir ??

Raisa wants to marry Rafi.

Now you tell me what should I do ???

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