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We got married to stay in a separate room, today is our night of sleep, so today you and I will romance together all night. We will talk about how to shoot the next day. And you keep saying that I used to go to another room. I am telling her this while lying on Sadia's lap. (I)

Sadia: - I'm being told to leave, but it won't be good.

I: - I know what you can do. Shut up now, I kissed Sadia's forehead because I caress you a little.

Sadia: - If you want to force me to do everything, then you leave me. Then I left Sadia and stood up straight.

I: - I could not even think that your mind is so mental.

Sadia: - My mind is much better than you. You brazenly take something to say your shame. You don't want to listen even if you don't.

I: - OK, from today on, I will never catch you, even if you want to touch.

Sadia: - It's okay to remember that.

I: - Yes, there will be, now I will say something?

Sadia: Yes, tell me what?

I: - Will you open your saree?

Sadia: - What do you mean you want to slap me? I'm holding Sadia's hand.

I: - Why are you angry, dead bird, just open this saree and wear this red saree of mine.

Sadia: - I can't wear sari and I won't wear anything you give me.

I: - The problem is I can wear sari if you don't wear it yourself then I will wear it for you.

Sadia: I will shout now if you do more.

I: - Chechale will be good to say the bride and groom are frozen.

Sadia: - I will never accept you as a groom.

I: - It will be seen later. Now I will teach you to wear sari. I took off Sadia's previous sari and put on the red sari I had given her. Sadia is standing silently.

Sadia: - You say I will wear it that way, but I told you not to touch my body.

I: - Okay Dibna, I am saying that Sadia is wearing the saree in that way when she came to Kachi.

Sadia: - Give the sari to me.

I: - Okay, I'm cutting the sari. I came to Sadia. I am looking at Sadia's stomach.

Sadia: - Have you seen a girl's belly like this before?

I: - I haven't seen, but your stomach is trying to catch a little beautiful.

Sadia: - I told you not to forget this. Give me the little one.

I: - OK, I'm not going to catch you, but I told you not to catch me later.

Sadia: - I will never want to catch my stomach with you. Now get out of the room without talking so much.

I: - I'm not saying I won't stay anywhere one night without you, now I see you a little. I grabbed Sadia and took her to the mirror. Sadia is standing in front of the mirror I am standing behind. Baha Sadia, you look very beautiful, it seems that the red fairy has come down from the sky.

Sadia: - Even if you give me a palm, it won't work. They do what I say. I'm getting a lot of sleep, now I'm going to sleep.

I: - OK, I lie on the bed and you lie down because you don't want to be with me on one bed.

Sadia: - My house, my room, everything I have and I will sleep downstairs?

I: - OK, then I'm lying on that side of the tree, you lie on this side. You can trust me I won't do anything that hurts you.

Sadia: - All right then I believe you. But if you disrespect faith, I will never forgive you.

I: - Okay, I'm lying on one side of the tree and Sadia on the other side, but in the middle with a big cool pillow.

Sadia: Well, why did the police arrest Sohail?

I: - I don't know, but how to take it from your father in the morning.

Sadia: - I love Sohail very much. What can I say to him now?

I: - When you come forward, tell me now, there is no point in wasting sleep by thinking.

Sadia: - Well you love Riya then why did you marry me?

I: - When do I say I love Riya?

Sadia: - Riya told me you said I love you to Riya on the roof, now you are lying?

I: - Hey Dur Riya understands more, I did not say I love you to Riya, I am telling you, then I stop talking and say something else. Hey, I'm just saying I love you on the roof, then Rhea comes and hugs me from behind.

Sadia: - I am the youngest for you. What should I say to Riya now?

I: - You don't have to say anything, I will say that I have got a lot of sleep now, and listen, you will not come here even if you forget, but if you come, I will kiss you.

Sadia: - No matter what I do, I will go to you to kiss you. If you come here by mistake, I will give you a kiss.

I: - What will you do?

Sadia: - When I do, you will understand, sleep now.

I: - Okay, I couldn't even think that the night of Dur Basar would turn to dust like this, when I think about this, I remember when I fell asleep. Suddenly waking up in the middle of the night, I came to Sadia and hugged her. If I see Sadia doing cum, I am hugging Sadia. Then Gechang will do it, I will do one thing, bring Sadia to me, then I will be able to hug and sleep. I am lying down with Sadia wrapped around my chest and brought to me. I kissed her on the forehead and fell asleep. Sadia moved a little. I hugged her and slept. Waking up in the morning I see Sadia is asleep, I intentionally kissed her on the lips. Then Sadia became alert, Sadia is looking at me.

Sadia: - Why are you hugging me?

I: - At night I say if you come to me, I will hug you and kiss you.

Sadia: - How did I come to your site and what did you do to me?

I: - Yes, I did it on my forehead and lips.

Sadia: - Then I will give you Gechang now.

I: - If I go to your site to get Gechang. Get up now, I haven't been to college for a long time, now I'm going to college. Sadia is looking at me. I got up and left to freshen up. After a while I came to the room refreshed and saw Sadia taking me to the room. I'm ready to go downstairs aunty calls me and says,

Aunty: - Al, you come and have breakfast.

I: - Aunty, I will not have breakfast now, I will go to college and eat something.

Aunty: From now on you will call me Amazon.

I: - Okay then how can I call Aunty Amma.

Sadia: - Mom, tell me why you are giving him so much, well, I want to say something to my father.

Uncle: - Yes, tell me, what should I say?

Sadia: - I will go to college again from today, so it is boring to stay at home.

Uncle: - All right, Jas will take you with him every day and bring you back. Dad, can you take Sadia with you?

I: - But Sadia's college and my college are not one?

Aunty: - Sadia is studying in the college where you are studying. I met you that day when I went to give Sadia to college.

Me: - All right then, Sadia, let me take you with me.

Sadia: - I can go with you, but you can't go to college and tell anyone I'm your wife.

I: - I will not say ok.

Sadia: - Then I agree.

Uncle: - I have a bike, how can you take it to college from now on.

I: - Okay, then it will be good for me. I came out with Sadia and took out the bike. I sat down. Sadia is sitting behind me. And Sadia hugged me.

Sadia: For the first time in my life, I think you are riding a bike with a girl?

I: - Yes, you are telling the truth.

Sadia: - Stop the bike and I will get off.

I: - All right, he stopped the bike and dropped Sadia. Sadia is gone. When I was going to ride the bike, someone pulled the collar from behind me and said that I was able to do such a big cheating with me? I was not surprised just to look at the hands and feet began to cut in fear.


Will continue.

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