Big sister's girlfriend(Episode 3)

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Episode 3

Author: MI Nahid

The heroine's name changes from Raiha to Mahima.

Me: Hey sister, why did you kill her?

Mahima: How dare he propose to you.

I: I can propose

Mahima: Can't do it

Me: Why?

Mahima: It will go away slowly.

Me: It's weird

Saying this, I told Apu, will you stay or will you go home with me? Apu said, will you go with me or not?

Then we went home, came home and ate

I gave a disappearance. Wake up and chat with friends

I returned home at night.

I came home and sat down to read. A little later my sister came to the room and said that I have something to say to Nahid Tar

Me: Tell me what to say

Apuh mahima tar number wants to give?

Me: Why would he do with the number

Apu: I don't know if I will give it or not

Me: Give it to him.

Apu: When I come to dinner, my mother and father are sitting at the table,

Then my sister left and I left too

To have dinner, I went upstairs to dinner and played a little guitar with the guitar, then the phone rang.

I woke up and saw that I had not received an unknown number. Later I got another call from the same number.

Me: Hello who?

Unknown: Do you recognize if you introduce yourself?

I was a little surprised that no girl calls me except Sima Apu and Apu.

Me: I put the phone if you do not identify.

Unknown: No, no, I'm great

Me: What glory?

Unknown: Hey donkey, your sister's girlfriend Mahima

Me: Oh you

Mahima: Hmm, what do you do?

Me: I'm just sitting here, you?

Mahima: I am sleeping. Having dinner?

Me: Yes, you?

Majesty: Hmm

Me: Tell me more?

Mahima: I want to say a lot

Me: Hmm, what do you say?

Mahima: It's been a long night. Go to bed now,

I went to bed without talking

After a while, I got lost.

In the morning, when someone called me, I broke my gum. I looked at Gum Gum and saw that Mahima was standing

I fainted again thinking of a dream.

After a while I felt like it was raining and I jumped

Get up with the front. I see that Mahima Apu is really standing, I am angry with that label,

Me: What happened?

Mahima: I called you so much that I didn't get up

So to make this arrangement,

Me: You're in my house, you're back in my room,

Mahima: It will be my room in a few days at the bar

Me: What do you mean?

Mahima: You don't have to understand so much

I am very angry, what is this girl talking about, I started calling her, she came and said,

Apu: What happened Nahid

Me: Apu, what is he doing in my room?

Apu: Oh I was a little busy so ok

I sent to call you.

Me: That's why an unknown girl will come to my room.

Mahima seems to be angry with me,

So he left the room with a black face.

Apu: You didn't do the job right

Me: An unknown girl will come to my room

I can't say anything.

Apu: Not everyone is one, I will consider him a very close person from now on

I: I mean

Apu: You don't have to understand anything, now I will go to him and say sorry.

Me: Okay sister

Apu left. I had breakfast and went to Apu's room

Me: Where is Apu Mahima Apu?

Apu: Look, maybe on the roof

I went to the roof without saying anything else

I went and saw Mahima Apu sitting depressed.

Me: Sorry sister

I said from behind suddenly my sister

I was shocked to hear.

Mahima: Sorry, why?

Me: Then for bad use

Majesty: It's okay. I didn't think anything of it

Me: Thank you

After saying this, Mahima Apu gave a smile.

I went to my room, got ready to go to college, then went to my sister's room. When I saw Apu and Mahima Apu laughing at what I know, they became silent.

Me: Apu, I went to college. You take a rickshaw.

Apu: You do one thing with Mahima

Me: Why

Apu: He will go to the market a little

Me: Well sister came.

Then I took out the bike.

Then Mahima Apu came and sat behind me

I need it.

Me: What are you doing?

Mahima: I've never ridden a bike before, so I'm a little scared.

I did not say anything and went to the market.

# Will continue

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