Big sister's girlfriend(Episode 2)

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Episode 2

Author: MI Nahid

Me: Rakib brother

Rakib: Hey Nahid, you are here, sit down

Me: I didn't come to sit down, but I have something to say

Rakib: Why are you behaving like this?

As soon as I say this ,,,,

A slapping pirate under the ear,

Me: Sima Apu, come forward

Sima Apu: Hmm, say Nahid

Me: Take off your shoes and hit him

Then he will be educated

It's too late for me to say that it's not too late to kill Sima Apur.

Me: If I ever hear that you are disturbing girls, then from this college

I'll take care of it,

Rakib nodded at me.

Then I saw Apu and the girl coming towards me, Apu said as soon as she came to me

Apuh could not have insulted so much

Me: Could I keep quiet if I told you something,

Apu became silent after listening to me and then Raiha said

Raiha: I raised my hand against you without knowing much sorry

Me: It's okay, sister, people are just wrong

Raiha: You are forgiving from the heart

Without further ado, I returned to class with the guns

Their conversations over there

Raiha: Bahrabia's younger brother is that cute

Apu: You don't have to see who the brother is

Sima Apu was right

Raiha: Rabia tar bhai's number is divi, please don't be a friend

Apu: What do you do with her number,

Raiha: I will love

Sima Apu: Ha ha ha

Raiha: Why are you laughing?

Sima Apu: Because he can't take care of the girls, he is in college and he only talks to his sister and me and also he doesn't talk to any girl, even I was proposing to him but he didn't accept.

Raiha: I got Ray, the boy of my mind

Apu: Dude, you are serious

Raiha: Hmm (embarrassed)

Apu: It's done and you don't have to be ashamed. Let's go to class

And meanwhile I'm getting angry at that label

Another thing is that Raiha Apur's girlfriend never knew before, maybe a new girlfriend.

After class I went to Apu and saw Apu Sima Apu and Raiha sitting and talking.

As soon as I approached them, a girl came and told me

I really love u Nahid ,, I really love u Nahid ,, I really love u Nahid ,, I really love u Nahid ,, I really love u Nahid ,, I really love u Nahid ,,

Whenever I go to say something, not only me but the whole campus is silent about what Raiha Apu did.

I'm going to say something before it's too late

What do you think he gave me?

Who gave the girl. The girl was also surprised

I: Why did you kill Wan?

Raiha: How dare he propose to you.

I: I can propose

Raiha: Can't do it

Me: Why?

Then Apu and Sima Apu were surprised to hear what Raiha Apu said,

# Will continue

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3 years ago


Brother, I really enjoyed reading this beautiful story. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story with us. I love romantic stories very much. Please share more of these with us. I will like and comment.

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Thank you so much for being with Apu😘

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Wow nice article. I am very happy to read your post. The story of your post was very beautiful.I want to read stories like this. Hope to see more posts like this later and share with us.

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Yes of course. thank you so much bro for being with me bro.

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