Big sister's girlfriend

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Episode 1

Me: Wife, don't caress me a little.

Wife: You don't understand that it is good to caress so much all the time.

Me: Is that so?

Saying this, when I go to kiss, I call my big sister.

Apu: As soon as this brother wakes up, I will not go to college

Me: Apu you, where is my wife

Apu: That means you are still dreaming nonsense.

Me: Hmm (scratching my head)

Apu: I understand who the father says to arrange the marriage.

Me: Yes, I will marry my petni sister first.

Apu: I went to eat fresh

Me: OK, go

Looking at the above, you may have understood that this is my elder sister.

(I am the second child of Nahid parents

And my sister's name is Rabia

The family is with Apu Abbu Ammu

Our family)

It was too late to introduce myself while my sister was at the table without eating

I am sitting, fresh and ready to go to college at once.

Ammu: Kiri, are you listening to these?

Me: What did you hear, mother?

Mom: Are you dreaming nonsense?

Listening to my mother's words, I understood that Petnita had said everything, again I saw Petnita smiling.

I was very angry so I ate quickly

I took out my bike and stood outside the house

I have to go to college with Petnita again

Apu came after a while

Apu: Let's go

I started the bike without saying anything and started walking. Apu may have understood

I'm angry

Apu: Is anyone angry with me?

I remained silent.

Apu: I wanted to give some money to someone today. If he doesn't speak, I won't give him the money.

Hearing my sister's words, my anger vanished in an instant

Me: Apu

Sister: Shut up

Me: That sister

Apu: What happened?

Me: Don't pay

Apu: I will go home

Me: Okay

I went to college to talk

Apu, you are what I am coming to park

Saying this, I left my motorcycle behind

It fell on my cheek,

I am surprised that no one in this college dares to talk about me

The pirates hit him again.

I said without seeing him

Me: In which prayer?

A girl is surprised to fall behind.

It would be wrong to say girl, not girl

Just come down from the sky

Girl: What do you see this boy doing?

Me: Nothing

Girl: Seeing that, it seems that he is the son of a polite house.

Me: That hello is dropping a lot,

Again you say, and I'm a girl

Didn't disturb

Then the girl called one of my sister Sima Apu

Girl: That ball, you didn't disturb this boy

Sima Apu: What are you talking about Raiha, Nahid Rabia's younger brother and my crush,

Oh that means the girl's name is Raiha

Many students have come to our word here

Even my sister

Apu: What happened to Raiha?

Raiha: I made a mistake, a boy distracts Sima a lot, so I told him which boy and he said that the boy wearing the blue shirt is his brother and he is wearing the blue shirt, so I think the boy is the younger brother.

Apu: Sorry, tell me why you are telling me

Raiha: I'm so sorry what actually happened

I didn't listen to him and told Sima Apu who the boy was

Sima Apu: No, there is no need to do Nahid Jamela

Apu: Hey, you name Nahid and you will take care of everything

Sima Apu: It would be better not to go ahead with this issue

Me: Look, Sima Apu, I don't look at you with different eyes. Someone will disturb my sister. I can't keep quiet.

Sima Apu: Rakib Bhaiya.

I called my friends and took Sima Apu to Rakib,

With Apu and Raiha,

Me: Rakib brother

Rakib: Hey Nahid, you are here, sit down

Me: I didn't come to sit down, but I have something to say

Rakib: Why are you behaving like this?

As soon as I say this ,,,, ৷৷

# Will continue

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It was an interesting conversation & i want to read more of these

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Brilliant story keep it up

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Great story dear brother. Keep it up...

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Excellent story

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Brother, it was very nice to read the story. You feel very beautiful.

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