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To one of the blessings of Allah

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One day Caliph Harun-ur-Rashid became thirsty and asked his servant for water. At that time a famous old man was with the caliph. As the caliph was about to drink, the old man said, "Stop, sir." I have a question. The caliph was a little surprised and took down the pot. The old man said - "How much would you be willing to spend for this one pot of water when you are very thirsty?" The caliph thought for a moment and then said, "If the thirst is intense, there is a threat of death, then I need that panituku, even if it is with my Gaeta kingdom." The old man said, "All right, drink." After drinking the caliph asked again the lord has another question. The caliph said, “Tell me. The old man said, "If the water you drank got stuck in your body, how much would it cost to get it out?" The caliph said, "I will give my Gaeta kingdom if I need to get rid of such pain." This time the old man said, "What is the value of this kingdom, which is to give up just to drink one pot of water or to get one pot of water out of the body?" This water is such a great blessing of Allah Ta'ala that this huge kingdom of yours is very small. "

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