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A contemporary event: a description of the benefits of good deeds

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1 year ago

Abu Sarah. Mechanical engineer. Salary of nine thousand riyals. He also has a house of his own. His salary - allowance is also higher. But despite that, he noticed that the money ran out very quickly. He fell into thought. I hear the rest from his mouth, Subhanallah. I could not understand where so much money goes? I used to say to myself every month, soon I will start saving. But it soon became clear to me that I had run out of money. Eventually a friend of mine advised me to donate a certain portion of my salary each month. And in fact, that's what I did. I started giving charity for 500 riyals per month. By God! From the first month I had two thousand riyals left. But according to the previous opinion of eating and drinking. Sources of expenditure in the previous opinion. Little has changed. I'm happy I decided to increase the amount of charity from next month. So when I reach 500 to 900 riyals, my charity amount. Thus, five months later, I received word that my salary would soon increase. Alhamdulillah. That is the bounty of God. I am unable to express my gratitude to Him. Thanks to charity, I started getting wealth, family, etc. You can try this too. I hope you will benefit a lot more than me. Bless.

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