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2 months ago

Life is made up of an infinite number of decisions, it is said, but don't you know that there are different children out there who don't know how to make a choice? They are often dependent on the individuals around them, such as:

The month of the choice of profession is already near, but she doesn't know which direction she will pursue. She decided that she would follow the path that her peers were going to take. In the future, she had no fields within herself.

Do you like to hear why? It's her parents'. 

She grows up to become a perfect girl, she has to do it reluctantly in her parents' eyes, she becomes the person she is not.

Her parents want her to take Medical Technology as a pre-med, while they know she's fainting anytime she sees blood, but they don't care. It is also true that parents know best, but I agree that it is right to make their child the person they want to be. And follow the path they choose. If you are scared that they are going to lose to the war, lead them. Tell them that you are still there to help them, that it is impossible to choose yourself.

It's like you don't have a life.

"The children are less likely to seek their best career opportunity but they have ambitions. Parents have personal memories and thorough knowledge of their children, and so they should help them consider their future the best they can."

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