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CENT dapp (get free ETH)

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2 years ago

Cent- Social Media Based in Blockchain of [Ethereum]

in(cent)ivization and de(cent)ralization  The world's first incentivized "creativity exchange"


Looking for ways to earn passive income? Use this DAPP to entertain and express through YOUR creativity and earn some extra ETH

CENT allows you to post anything and get tips and tip Cent is powered by the users to help others while sharing interesting stuff like poems, tweets, songs of soundcloud, youtube videos , gifs and more.Be creative and earn some passive income. 

Register using email address and metamask wallet

After installing your metamask wallet or web3 browse.  , you will be asked to sign a message to confirm the wallet and then to log in  with link by mail


To add Eth to your Cent Wallet, and do the same process as always to transfer to a wallet



Here you can only earn if someone "seed" your post that comes from the other user real wallet.
Seed are in the form of "ETH" if someone find your posts attractive, they will give you a tip for it

This makes the platform active and with full of content, users can upload their content, and are rewarded in Ethereum micro tipping that you can withdraw later to your personal wallet
So even if you don't post anything, when you comment any post with a bounty reward you might get a seed for it


What are all the ways to earn on Cent?

  • Get seeded

  • Earn by seeding others

  • Get spotted


What is Seeding?

To Seed a Creator is to support their growing career, by giving them a set amount of money on a monthly basis.

When you Seed a Creator, half of the money goes to the Creator, half goes to the previous Fans of the Creator, and there is a 5% Platform Fee.  

  • Creator = 47.5% 

  • Previous Spotters = 47.5% 

  • Platform = 5% 

*If you are the first Seeder, 95% goes to the Creator, and there is a 5% Platform Fee.

When do I receive money from a Seed?

  • If you are seeded, you'll receive Seed money instantly.

  • If you Seed a creator, you'll receive a payout within 24 hours of the next Seed in that creator.


Is there a minimum amount to Seed?
Yes, $1.

There's no referral here so you go and explore
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What is a Spot?

A Spot is a monetary reward that you give post or response.
You are free to click Spot as many times as you want.
When you Spot a post, you let the Creator know that you like their work. The minimum Spot is 1 cent.


Can I use Cent without any ETH?

Yes, you can browse, respond, post and even earn on Cent without any ETH to start


What is the policy on multiple accounts?

You are only allowed to have one account.  Having more than one account is strictly prohibited.


Now that you have read this, go and check it out I assure you that is a nice dapp that you must try

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To view our Learn Cent video series, visit #LearnCent by clicking this link:


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2 years ago
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I am on Cent and on and I can tell you that you can earn much more on than on Cent. The condition is that you write good articles and do not steal content from other sites.

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2 years ago

Yes I think both sites are different, I like CENT a lot but in my opinion is more like an artistic social network. I earn very well in CENT What´s your user? I would like to follow you.

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2 years ago

I have the same user name there as here. Besides I recommend yuo not to copy content from other platforms here, even if they are yours. This will increase your earnings significantly.

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2 years ago

This article is sensible and provides information for investment in the CENT Dapp. Nice one.

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2 years ago

Thanks. Are you currently using CENT? :)

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2 years ago

I am not using CENT for now but will register with your referral link. Thanks a lot.

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2 years ago