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Brave Browser includes referral links in some crypto sites in a hidden way!

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2 years ago

Brave includes in his suggestions referral links for cryptocurrency sites

The browser includes referral links in the website "suggestions", particularly to promote your links to sites associated with the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
According to various data, the list of referral links in Brave also covers the Ledger, Trezor and Coinbase sites.
However, the widespread questioning among users is how Brave has done it in a hidden way.

Through Twitter, there are already several messages highlighting the finding of a referral link from Brave.
The first to post was the tweeter @ cryptonator1337

Brendan Eich, co-founder and CEO of Brave, responded to the controversy generated by the finding on the same social network. In a thread of tweets, the executive defended himself, alleging that it is an “error” in some auto-completion forms associated with the Binance exchange widget that was integrated by the browser in March of this year.

. According to the Brave representative, the auto-complete option should not "add anything", referring to the presence of referral links.


It is a common practice among digital content creators, youtubers and bloggers even here
Of course there is nothing wrong, many of us do it and we have done it sometime to get some kind of reward or bonus in any application or site, there is no doubt that the problem is coming from Brave, ensuring that it contrasts precisely with his postulates in favor of the privacy of users and the fight against invasive and unauthorized advertising existing on the other platforms.


I did it by myself and I only got this error in binance, if you don't believe me try it in your browser.
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2 years ago
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