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LTO Driver's License Renewal Made Easy

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3 months ago

I got my driver's license about 3 years ago and it was a tedious experience for me. The day was long and there were a lot of people who are same as I, getting their licenses as well. Mine's about to expire next month and I just want to make sure I renew it in advance since I drive a lot.

There are actually just a few steps to get your driver's license renewed.

Make an account at the LTMS Portal or the Land Transportation Management System Portal.

You can use a laptop or a cellphone in creating an account to register.


Agree to the Terms of Agreement and fill in the Captcha provided

Then click Next

Click Enroll as an Individual if you're applying for yourself and the other one if you're an organization.

It will ask you if you have an existing driver's license (I'm assuming you have since the title above is for those who are renewing their licenses only, like me)

Then fill out the necessary information and when you're done, make sure to save your login information and your password, you're going to need this every time you login to the portal.

Once you've created an account and is logged in, you'll be directed at the welcome page where your name is displayed and information about licensing, transactions, violations, documents and your profile.

But at the topmost of the web page you'll see "E-Learning", click on that and then click CDE Online Validation Exam.

The exam's actually very easy, they only require you to pass 50% and all of the questions are related to your driving which in part you already knew since you already have a license.

When you pass the CDE Examination, have it printed and then go to the nearest LTO Office where Driver's License Renewal is catered.

They'll require you to get a Medical Certificate, which in most cases especially LTO branches in Malls have clinics nearby and are LTO accredited.

From there all you have to do is submit your documents and wait for the releasing of your Driver's License. I don't know if fees are the same wherever but do the necessary payments as well. :D

Depending on how many are doing the same thing as you, you'll be done before the day ends.

I started processing at 10 A.M and got my license at 4:30 P.M that same day.


Pretty easy. Just the waiting part is the down-side but it is really not as fussy as before.


Just sharing my experience. Good day peeps and may you have a productive day ahead.

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Written by   9
3 months ago
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