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Just another ordinary day for SamVeil

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1 year ago

I am no storyteller but I'll tell you a story nonetheless.

I've told you about my life as a non-verbal and how I have realized my situation as a person, as a daughter, as a sibling, and as somebody who must be cared for because of my inability to speak and express verbally.

When we were babies or toddlers, often our parents don't need us to say anything, we just have to point our fingers and things appear in our hands. All we have to do is cry and we get to be fed and given water or get our diapers changed. It's as simple as that. But as I got older, it got harder for me.

My parents didn't realize I can't speak since at 18 months I've mimicked words from them but things started to wind down as I grew. It became harder for me and eventually, I did stop. I got issues.

As I've mentioned in my previous post that I use to wail a lot. Tantrums and meltdowns are my things but they're in the past. Since I also mentioned that I have a change of heart when I had a nightmare and have come to my senses. I'm better now.

I've got issues, who hasn't? Raise your hand if you have none.

Can't do so, though. Ha, Got you!

Anyway, I love singing. I love listening to music and dancing as well.

I can't sing the usual way.

I just hum and tap and dance.

I started playing the ukulele at age 6.

(Photo credits to Pexels)

Then the guitar at 10, I can play it like no other.

(Photo credits to Pexels)

I'd probably be the best at it(in my own opinion anyway)

I can play tricks on it and wail (it's my way of singing, tuned in with the music I create)

Ever heard of Bob Marley and the Wailers? Well, they're my idol. Include Lauryn Hill in the picture as well. Hahaha! My Da and Ma introduced me to music at an early age. Da plays guitar while they both sing. My Ma can play too.

Music is a great stress reliever for me and the one expression I get right.

Give me a guitar and I'll probably play till your ears hurt.

While my brothers and sister do their studies, mine is playing guitar the whole day till eating time and back at it again. The good thing about my life is I don't do household chores as my siblings do, I'm still the princess. They love me and support me and they appreciate the thought of me trying to help them my way. Even though I'm a pain, I know for sure that they all care for me and they'll help me in any way they can.

That's me in a day.

I hate to cut this story short but I have to eat and get my bearing straight for now. Sleep will be great too. It's midnight and my Ma will for sure tell me to get my sleep right away without my midnight snacks. :))

Good night guys, sorry for disturbing your peace with my nonsense.

(this is a work of fiction, all nonsense talks, and no weight)

-The End for Now-

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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Woooah! I really love to learn guitar so much. I know a little bit cause my cousin plays it. Hmm. Why don't you try to upload in the yt while you are playing? I will be the first fan of yours? 😉

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1 year ago

There are guitar tutorials on youtube. Start with the basics. :)) and sorry, I'm a fictional character, I'd probably be best at everything my writer can think of. My author can play though. :))

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1 year ago