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End of September (A Date to Remember)

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2 months ago

The end of September was a day I looked forward to in the past.

It's a day when my siblings come and gather at home.

Our house full of laughter and chatter.

On a day like this, my Pa would wake up early and gave his usual greetings to his darling wife.

He'd prepared a sumptuous meal and brought her roses and cards.

On a day like today, my brothers and sister, despite busy in their respective lives, would come home and be with her all day long.

Even spend another day just to have more time with her.

On a day like today, the weather changed, and moods despaired

For on a day like today, the laughter was gone along with her

No more chatter, no more laughter.

Someday, on a day like today

The laughter will be back

And chatters will return

For love will prevail

As mother let us swore.

For on a day like today

She made us promise

We'll treasure her

And our family as a whole.

A date to remember, the 30th of September

For on a day like today,

Our mother, our beloved, God has borne.


In memoriam: T. B. M.

Born: September 30, 194-

Died: July 20, 2022

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