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where did the 4.1 trillion budget go?

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1 year ago

Taxation is truly the lifeblood of the government and we all contribute to keep our nation alive amidst this time of pandemic. We are all taxpayers. We can say that most of the families in our country have students who are dependent to their guardians and during this year, many students face crisis whether to continue schooling or to stop for a while because of financial issues so it is more important right now that our budget is given to the educational sector that caters so many citizens’ chance to have quality education even with this global crisis. Our government is indebted from all the borrowings we had on other countries just to combat the national emergencies that happened this current year that we all have to consider why TRAIN law becomes valuable.

According to the General Appropriations Act signed by President Rodrigo Duterte last January 6, 2020, this year’s national budget of 4.1 trillion will be apportioned under a cash-based budgeting system and it is 11.8% greater than our previous national budget of 2019 amounting to P3.662 trillion.

The 2020 appropriations law prioritized


Department of Education (DepEd) receiving P654.77 billion which appropriates to its sub-agencies for P521.25 billion, the State Universities and Colleges get P73.73 billion and Commission on Higher Education for P46.73 billion.


Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) getting P580.8 billion

-interior affairs.

This year, our educational department and public works continue to receive the largest budgets with the and the . This is based on the document presented by the Department of Budget and Management.

This re-enacted budget law would definitely put greater support to the education of every student who is the future of our nation and also to the teachers and professors who fight for providing knowledge and making ample of efforts to make this online class possible. The budget P73,716,148,000 billion is shared among the SUC’s from all around the country and this budget increase by 13.9% from last year.

This magnanimous fund needs proper allocation and effective control to be able to let this budget reflect the performance of every state colleges.

The fund structure is already set by the government and the major fund for educational departments goes to the tuition fees of the students.

As we are all aware that even state universities bear minimum tuition fees that are paid by citizens through their taxes which makes every ‘iskolar ng bayan’ study without having trouble paying tuition fees which is a big motivation to do well at school.

The University of the Philippines is a national state university system in the Philippines that is recognized as one of the top performing universities in the country and it holds the largest fund of at P18.6 billion, up by 9.9% last 2019. However, if we talk about regional budgets for education, the Central Luzon state universities and colleges get hold of the biggest portion of P6.8 billion.

The chance to improve the budget for education is an opportunity for the development and competence of the faculty members and teaching professionals who paves the future of every students. During this tough time, we may experience global crisis, the government truly prioritized that this new normal virtual learning would be implemented properly, not hindering the welfare of both students and teachers. Personally, I do want academic freeze until I realized that many students are desperate to learn and many educational staffs may lose their job if this happens so I shifted to support, but I still understand why many wants this because of the hardships to get the resources needed to afford online class.

This article just focused on the appropriations given to the education sector and some other facts.

As it is almost the end of the fiscal year, that 4.1 trillion is almost gone and we have questions if the government agencies did appropriate their funds to right use even though we can witness where the huge chunk of fund went from all the fiasco to attain the dolomite and all the health insurance corrupted by Philhealth. It is disappointing and this 2021, the budget increased again so let us hope that our money goes to great use that can benefit us all.


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Written by   73
1 year ago
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