Ways to cope with feelings of worthlessness

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Would you treat a dear, good friend the way you treat yourself? Often, we are cruelly hard on ourselves and fail to give ourselves the love, respect and understanding we give to others, which can reinforce feelings of worthlessness. You can take action by being kinder to yourself, silencing negative inner voices, stopping your inner critic.

By being more appreciative of what you have, you can prevent what you don't have from making you feel worthless. Keeping a gratitude journal can help you see how important you are, realize that you have precious things and appreciate your self-worth. It is also an effective way of retraining your thoughts and redirecting them towards the positive.

The situations that cause you to experience feelings of worthlessness, the events you encounter, your changing environment, your evolving thoughts may actually be indicators that you are growing, developing and moving out of your comfort zone. Therefore, if you realize that this feeling is actually a natural part of your maturation, you can more easily accept and cope with complex feelings.

Remember that what happened happened because it was meant to happen and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. The bad things you have experienced, the negative situations you have faced are not there to make you feel worthless; they are there to contribute to your growth. Unwanted situations, challenging, upsetting, destructive events are also part of the natural flow of life and are only responsible for moving you to where you need to be. Just remember this: You are not late for anything, there is nowhere else you need to be, you are enough where you are and as you are.

If you feel like a worthless person right now because you haven't achieved anything, you can remind yourself of your past achievements and realize what you've done before, how far you've come. Remember, you are not having a bad life, just a bad moment. When you learn to make room for every emotion, every situation in your life and accept everything that happens, you can realize that being human is pregnant with a wide range of possibilities and experiences, and you won't start questioning your worth at the slightest misfortune.

Whatever it is that you think you don't have by comparing yourself to others, don't let it overshadow what you do have. Everyone is responsible for their own life. No one is better or more valuable than anyone else. Learn to be grateful for all that you have and all that makes you who you are, instead of judging others by their standards. No matter what you have or what you have achieved, no matter how others have done, you are valuable because you are you.

Often, feelings of insignificance and worthlessness are most present in certain situations or can be triggered in the presence of certain people. Pay attention to the situations in which you feel your self-esteem dropping. If there are people who are causing this, review your toxic relationships and try not to stay in the same situations.

Try to forgive others and yourself. Many times we may have difficulty forgiving ourselves, feeling guilty and regretful for many things we have done or not done. Or we may be unable to let go of something someone said or did to us years ago. All of these are closely related to feeling unworthy, so forgiveness is an effective way to relieve this feeling.

Helping others can eliminate feelings of worthlessness by encouraging a sense of accomplishment. By participating in pro-social activities, you may realize that you are doing important work, that you are doing valuable work for others, that you are doing many valuable things as a valuable person. You can silence the feeling of worthlessness by lending a helping hand.

Feeling worthless often comes with a storm of negative emotions such as insecurity, lack of love, lack of motivation. But remember that all emotions are like the weather: messy, unpredictable and temporary. Even if there is a storm today, the sun may shine brightly tomorrow. So remind yourself that the situation you are in now, the emotion you are struggling with, is temporary and prepare to move on again.

Feeling worthless can create significant distress and make it difficult to function normally in everyday life. When you feel that nothing you do is right or that none of your efforts will make a difference, you may find it difficult to stay motivated to achieve your goals. It is therefore important to find ways to manage these difficult feelings and seek help when needed.

If various methods, good life practices, the power of positive thinking do not help you to cope with feelings of worthlessness and you experience these feelings more often and intensely, remember that you can also move forward with support from a professional.

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