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Cousin when cute wife .( Part: - 2)

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1 month ago

Part: - 2



After getting the job, now I see that Rumi cares more about me.

Get up early in the morning.

Called for Fajr prayers.


Not a single day after joining the job I could not wake up on my own or go to the office.

However, I used to get up in the morning to recite the Fajr prayers.

But after prayers I would fall asleep again. Then in the morning Rumi called again.

To go to the office. When I take a bath and get dressed, I come to the room and see that everything is ready.

Will I go to the office later? Where did I put the file. Where is my watch?

Nothing to look for. Everything is ready in front of me.


Ever since joining work, either mom or aunt at breakfast time.

Don't call me to eat or come and increase the food. These are always Rumi.

When I get ready in the morning and go to the dining table, Rumi stands up with the food.

Then you have to tell him not to eat.

I know he hasn't eaten yet because I won't eat Rumi until I eat.


When I finished my meal and left for the office, Rumi was ready to go to college with the lunch tiffin for me.

It's my daily routine when I go to the office to drop him off at college.

As soon as I got to the front of the college, he told me ...


> Go carefully.

= Hmm.

> But will launch at the right time after noon prayers.

= Hmm. You go inside now. And go home quickly and carefully.

> Hmm. But you will come home soon. Do not chat with anyone unnecessarily.


I left without saying another word. In fact, it is our everyday thing.

Rumi will tell me these things every day.

Listening to her words, it seems that she is talking to her groom with the regime.


Then when it was time for lunch at noon. Just then Rumi's phone will ring.

As soon as the phone is received ...


> Assalamu Alaikum.

= Alaikum Assalaam.

> Wearing prayers.

= No.

> Have you eaten ??

= No.

> Pray first. Then eat.

= Hmm, you ate.

> No. I will eat after a while.


In this way, he calls every day to find out whether he has prayed or not. If someone cares for someone like this, who doesn't understand what the girl wants from him.

One day I came home from the office thinking about lying down.

The girl has fallen in love with me. Then why can't I love him.


At that time Rumi came to me. Come and stand at the door.


> Come?

= You have to take permission or come back.


Then he sat on the bed near my head.

He is sitting and looking at me with one glance and wondering what he wants to say again.

So I asked ..


= Say something ?.

> Hmm.

= Tell me what to say ??

> I was saying that you will be busy next Friday. That means you will be free.

= Since Friday is office holiday so that day I am free.

> I know that just sleep later, what else?

= What ??? What did you say once again ??

> No, why are you so angry? I was saying that he planned to go somewhere with his friends on Friday.

= No. But why?

> Actually one of my girlfriends got married on Friday.

= So what should I do ???

> I haven't heard the whole thing. That's what he said you will do. You are so ...

= What do I say so much?

> No, nothing. You have to go to the wedding house with me on Friday.

= I can't.

> Why ??

= I have a job.

> Why are you lying? And you can't tell a lie well.


[I was caught and eaten. It was good to say beforehand that I would go out with friends.

Let me marry this or no. It doesn't feel good to go to the ceremony.

Now I have to go with him. And I can't go with him.

The way he speaks, everyone will think we are husband and wife! ]


= No means.

> What do you mean ?? You have to go with me on Friday.

= I can't.

> Why ???

= Thus. I don't like going to Osbe.

> Why ??

= I don't know. You go now.

> Why not go. Earlier he said you will go with me.

I said I can not go? (I said a little angry)

> Why are you so angry when I say something.


He left without saying anything. Now it seems to have survived.

And you don't have to go home to marry him. All his girlfriends will go to his girlfriend's wedding. He will go with them.

But I don't have to go either. Looks like I'm her groom.

It came again after a while. It seems that I slapped him twice.

But I will not wear it, if I speak a little louder, this girl complains to my father.

If you slap me again, then tell me ... stay and don't say no.

I wonder if he will tell me again or if he has come to know.

So I said with a little brush ......


= What again ?????

> Come to eat.

= You are what I am coming for.

> Why are you showing me anger like this again?

= Why should I be angry with you or hit you with a broom? Are you my married wife? (I said the opposite)

> I can be married. He got married. (He bowed his head in shame at the word. You see what a rude Marca girl is a father.

= What did I say once more.

> Come to eat quickly.


After saying the word, he left immediately. I also went to eat.

I went and saw that everyone was sitting down to eat but Rumi. It seems that he has eaten well before.

This girl has no sense of speaking. I don't know what to say after listening to him.

I sat down to eat without saying anything else. When I started eating, my mother told my aunt to call Rumi.

Aunty called Rumi again. Where to appear to call.

Then he sat in the chair in front of me. There are two more empty chairs and he sat in front of me instead of sitting there.

While everyone was eating, Dad said ...


- Ronnie (Dad)

= Yes Dad

- Rumi's girlfriend's wedding next Friday. So you go there with Rumi.

= But Dad .....

- I don't want to hear anything. You are busy.

= All right.


When I heard that, I looked at him and saw how he was looking at me.

It is as if the eyebrows are blinking as soon as you put your eyes on them. Venchi is also cutting again.

Now it seems I put my eyes up.

I am eating without looking at him.

Now he is rubbing my legs with his feet again. He said that if he does all this, his mood is not bad. I finished my meal and came to the room.


Then I was thinking about Rumi's mischief and the marriage he said.

What does Rumi mean to me with all this? Oki really loves me.

If he can love me then why can't I?

I am asking myself a question. But I can't find any answer.


Then I came to see Asla after Friday prayers. Put a blue Punjabi on my bed.

I don't have blue Punjabi. I wear white Punjabi so where did it come from.

After a while my mother came ...


- Why aren't you ready yet? (Mother)

= Mother this Punjabi ....

- It was brought by Rumi. See how beautiful you will be.

= Silence

- Get ready immediately.

= Well.


Then the mother left. I also got ready and went out and stood at the door with my bike.

Rumi is coming after a while. I was a little surprised to see him.

I saw him wearing a sari, a full-length blouse, and again wearing a hijab. Mashalla looks very nice to see that everything is matched.

I'm looking at him. He approached and said ...


> What are you looking at ??

= Nothing. (I was shocked by his words. Then I controlled myself and said the word)

> If you do not say anything. Not so you were looking at me.

Why should I go see you?

> Hmm, I know I don't have to lie anymore. Let's go now.

= Hmm, let's go.


Said the aunt from behind.

- Take care of these two. And he returned home immediately. (Aunt)

= You don't have any tension aunty?


I went home to get married. As soon as he entered the marriage house, he met some of his girlfriends.

They came forward to the two of us.

One of his girlfriends approached me and said ...


How are you dulabhai?

(After hearing that, I was in a bad mood after receiving a shock of 1000 volts. It seems that I lost all the teeth in my mouth with one slap.)

But no anger can be shown here. So I told myself to take care.)

= Yes, good. But I am not your brother. I am Rumi's cousin.

Hey, no problem, brother, go inside. (Another one)


Then I went inside with everyone. But he has been holding my hand since I entered.

Not letting go of the hand even for a bar.

The bride holds her hand while eating at home.

Looks like I'm going to get lost somewhere.

He is holding my hand wherever he is going. There are so many people in the marriage house so I can't say anything in front of everyone.


After a while, his girlfriend means his marriage has spoken to him. He took my hand there too.

They are all laughing and talking and I am standing alone like Abal.

One of his girlfriends said ...


- Kiri Rumi, are you always holding your groom's hand like this, Beras or Ray (girlfriend)?

_ No one will steal a little ashes from your groom? (Another one)?


They keep talking like this. Rumi is also bowing his head at their words.

Suddenly I noticed someone holding my hand.

I look back at a beautiful young woman. Pretty good looking.


= What do you want?

_ Don't take a selfie. (Maida Sundari)

= Any ?? (Though the mind is dancing happily. I still thought a little)

_ Hey, let's go. Well are you married?

= No but why ???

_ Actually, I really like you. (After eating, the girl will finish it for me.)

= Means.

_ Let's take a selfie first, then I'm saying.


I am ready to take a selfie. The girl holds her phone up to take a selfie.

At that time there was a sound.


> Crowded.

What if it's not the sound on the phone? I looked at the girl and saw her with her hands on her cheeks.

Then I saw Rumi in front. So Rumi Maida slapped Sundari.


> This girl doesn't have a father or a brother. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. Don't look at the rude girl around. Get out of here.


He sent the girl away with a broom without any chance.

Now I am also scared, Allah knows why.

From there I took my hand and left with a farewell from everyone.

In the middle of my time, Rumi suddenly said ..


> Stop the bike.

= Why ???

> Guys so.

I also said nothing more. Rumi came down and said ...


> How many selfies to take.

= ... I'm surprised



Will continue.

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Written by   7
1 month ago
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