Good habits to develop a facebooker

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6 months ago

1- Some friends love posting only on status: These are friends who enjoy DMs most. The best way to interact with them is by reacting on their status.

2-Some friends love posting jokes :The best way to interact with them is by reacting on their posts & not taking what they post personal .If it annoys you don't show it ,inbox them rather.

3-Some friends love posting but don't have a mastery of the English language: Avoid making Silly remarks about their grammar . If you've understood what they mean react accordingly and move on. Shaming people is detrimental to their confidence .

3-Some friends love posting pictures: Irrespective of the quality of the picture be nice in your comment ,avoid body shaming . Give out positive energy don't be a source of depression to others.

4-If you're chanced to wish a friend "happy Birthday" ,do a post with their picture and a wish , learn to celebrate people the right way.

5-The best comment on an obituary post is "my condolences", avoid asking questions that will push the bereaved to give private answers in public. If u need more info DM the person.

6- Some friends are bloggers ,they post promotional posts: The best you can do to support is comment , like and share the post. If the post invites you to a page or YouTube channel, it will be nice to visit the said page/channel . Be happy to help others for free one day you will need same favour wether online or offline.

7-When someone does a long post like ours ,if you can't read all of it ,avoid comments like " it's too long " or "who go read de long Thing". That's very impolite ,and you discourage others from reading. Appreciate the portion u were able to read and move on.

At the stream u find a long line if u wanna go home with an empty container do u shout at those who made the line long ? No, u go with ur empty container quietly those who will persevere will go back with filled containers.

Good evening ♥

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6 months ago