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3 years ago

Sometimes God allows us to get hurt for us to have the fullness of joy. Sometimes God allows us to feel angry for us to know how to love. Sometimes God allows us to be broken for Him to fix us.

He allows things to happen because He has reasons. He has plans. Plans that will lead you to your breakthrough!

Keep on believing, keep on pursuing Him!

How to be contented in life?

Always put your trust in God.

Alam ni Lord ang lahat ng needs at wants mo, at higit sa lahat kung ano yung makakabuti sayo. He is a good gift giver, in His perfect timing tutupadin Niya ang lahat ng promise na nilagay Niya sa puso mo at ibibigay ang lahat ng bagay na gusto mo ayon sa plano Niya.

Sometimes we tend to runaway from our responsibilities and duties.

Prophet Jonah set an example of what will happen if we run away from our responsibilities, bad situation rises wherever he goes and the worst... being swallowed by a fish. We cannot experience being swallowed by a fish but God will do something to get us back to our senses.

In the end, we will always find God waiting and waiting for us to finally draw near to Him. Kaya Kaps, wag magpakain sa isda kundi magpalamon sa pagmamahal ni Lord na nakahanda para sa'yo.

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