Mariposa: Posting Drama in Social Media

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More drama. More engagement. More hot topics of the town.

Mosang is such a legendary character that also has a lot of cousins out there. Well, there is no doubt about it because Filipinos are really good at making terms that sometimes depict harsh truths about things like this and like that. Speaking of Mosang's cousins, another one's story is about to be unveiled.

When it comes to entertainment news, nothing misses the keen eyes of Mariposa, who happens to be based in the world's most social media-savvy community. This is @senyoritakayzee, and you are here once again to witness another topic, which talks about the character that loves posting drama on social media, just right here in today's episode of Senyoritalks.

Some people's lives must be so uninteresting, unfulfilling, or stagnant that they believe that trying to be like Marisol, who is always on top of the latest social media concerns and making fun of them, would elevate their position. I do not mean to offend, but most of the people whom I have noticed who are doing such things really seemed to perceive themselves as cool after doing what they did.

Anyway, you cannot blame them sometimes because some people are too showy when it comes to posting on social media that even the pain they feel in the head or to one or more of their teeth is updated in their social media. And sometimes, others make these things an issue, adding more drama, until such time it becomes bigger, and then boom, there's a hot topic over the internet again. Sometimes trending, and sometimes, not.

Most of the time, it's simply basic laziness or boredom.

Some find it appealing because of the urge, anticipation, or suspense it elicits. To avoid addressing the truth of their own lives, they utilize it as a coping mechanism to avoid being confronted by their own doings.

But why do many people relish dishing and overseeing somebody else's business so much?

It's natural for us to mingle, make small talk, and converse during meals and meetings since we're social beings. However, it could be wrong to spread rumors and gossip in order to prove your presence. Regardless of one's social status or occupation, some individuals are prone to gossip.

Insecure extroverts on the lookout for attention are the ones who can be considered as the most common perpetrators of gossip. There is a need for them to be surrounded by others who chatter. For them, they should be aware of the juicy and intimate aspects of the private lives of some individuals, as if it were a solution to the hole in their lives that they are filling. Another important component is curiosity. While gossiping, you'll observe that folks that do so sometimes have nothing better to do than it.

It's given that some people post regularly on social media. That is who they are, how their brand is, and how they are seen by others. These people make no excuses or attempt to conceal their actions. But again, there is always a limitation for everything.

However, we cannot always dictate what others want to do. So the best thing to do instead is to raise awareness and let them know and understand what is right and what is not so that at the end of the day, they will not regret to whatever they have done.

That's a little taste of what it's like to be Mariposa.

As a hobby, they like posting things online. As a result, it affects those who become their topic. Sharing something on the internet is not bad, but not at all times. There is always a limitation for everything so don't make things worse for others.

When it is too much or it is not really good and true, do not do or post it. Listening is a simple way to show how you care. As long as you're giving real advice, you won't be making anybody feel any worse off. Because everyone is entitled to show and do good things for others, not to be the reason of others' despair.

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