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Aadhaar's guest (an excellent ghost story)

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1 year ago

Dhunde Dong Finally twelve o'clock in the night. I was waiting for a long time for the moment. Now my dream is the turn. There is no evidence that there is no evil spirit. Even today, some insatiable spirits do not go to the midst of the middle of the middle of the past or not to fulfill its own fulfillment.

The storylords are nothing but imagination. Well, all is the imagination of the imagination, there is not a lie in it is a great truth. Yes, I wrote so many writers of the story of the story of the story of the story, so let's see if I can really see the miracles today. Really today's day 'A Red Letter Day'- a memorable day of my life. The name of the village is Anandpur. Located fairly fifteen kilometers from Ghatal city of Midnapore. A remote village located in the lap of the jungle of Segun and Lalmati country. Most of the indigenous people live, however, Chowdhury is quite a big. In the storyline, I have a lot of talk with the zamindar Udayanarion Chowdhury of this village.

Udayababu again loves to read the story of ghosts. In that formula, he will not recognize Shuvashish, what it may be! Yes, I am a star in Shubhashish Acharya, Bengali physical literature. How many fans in the city of Bengal have me! How many people are crazy to see me! During the time of Pujo, different newspapers crazy to send their writings in Sharadiya numbers!

Anyway, come back to the story again. The name of the place where the village has come to the edge of the village. During the everlasting settlement of Lord Channwallis, when many innocent peasants were unable to rent to the company at a specific time in accordance with the infamous sunset law, then the zamindar latter's latterly latter would be in life in this land. It is heard that they turned into a chronicle to meet the gigmeta today in the darkness of the night (mainly the new moon and ghosts).

Besides, there are nearby Burd. There is a night of the night or night. I heard near Udayababu, the wolf in the forest and their oppression. In the graveyard, Mamdo and Cremoshan, on the occasion of Ashshad, hanging on the sides of the fire. Shankunni or Shankini looks like a young man who is still blinding to the darkness when it comes down. Oh, I was looking for such a place. Thank you so much of the ghost of Udayabu! Sohaga is sohaga. So much huntated plases whose names are blood, blood water, but I did not get anything.

Bhangarh of Rajasthan from Mukesh Mills in Mumbai. One is one of the big ones. And this is the Vrindaban near the hand for Vaishnaba. Anyway, whether it is intended to see if it is perfect, seeing it. Yes, now I say a little. I came here to make an experiment. There is no ghost! And for him, I went out to find the guests of Midnight Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary, yes yes it's right. A cursed ghost of Britain and Western world, how many stories about whom, how many stories!

The Queen Mary of England was a hateful character in history's leaves of this Bloody Mary was called a ghost. How many men are involved in the taste of youth, when the taste of youth is melted, he killed his name for Rotor for Rotor, how many times did not have a witch. His oppression on the blacks was undeniable. There is no yitty, how many Bible works. His soul was not released for understanding so many sins.

So his soul is cursed by the earth's chest. Everywhere that soul is free to roam the soul. I heard this story seven years ago to the seasonal di. And then I will see Bloody Mary! Tonight maybe my dream is going to be filled on the higher chest. Today Saturday, in the new moon. Dining the ghosts of the ghosts. Black black darkness. I got the light of the room. A candle was ignored in front of the mirror in front of the mirror. I saw it dusty today, I have clear today. On this time, Bloody Mary will call on three times, Bloody Mary, Pls Kam to Mr. " Once Bloody Mary said. A fi cereafter again called a jealousy. The flock of the puppie decides together, declares the beginning of Jam or guards, so the jokes are called Jamaakshak.

But, I did not hear a beall together. And the call is also strange, it is called keeping in the pot. The call of the birds of unknown nights in vase. I do not know whether there is really anything to be doing something, or for the environment, I saw that Damal Boy like me is afraid of the newly spent in the crematorium in the margin and the cemetery of the mandal in the childhood and spent a single place in the cemetery. In this hemant, the point of the point on the forehead sweat. No, Bloody Mary said again without any more care of your feelings. Now I heard that the hungry wolf rugged roar. No, the ear of the ear is not at all, and I did not make cheap addiction. Truly, I heard that a nearby Pala wolf bone was hung in the heart. What is the truth of Udayabu! Now I really scared. And then it will be less than what it started, but it will be less. Today, there was not a sign of black cloud in the sky, I heard the storm of the storm. So that the whole of the highway! The window shows that the brightness of the clear sky is radiator radiation and do not fly anything. And trees are still steadfast!

But, only the sound of whitening. Machman felt a khataka. Nothing is possible in reality. Meanwhile, fifty-sixty shadows are seen in the field. The people are surrounded by the faint fog. So that the wind is floating in the air. They should be a burning house where I have come, it is coming in float. Nor is not really afraid. Mombatic flame trembles, can go out at any moment. The shadows have come near. There is a word, people's curiosity are invincible. Bloody Mary called for the last time with infinite curiosity. And then whatever happened is my imagination. Suddenly, there was an unknown minister in the field of field, stopped the wolf's angry roar, the sky was filled with dark clouds and started a severe storm. Pagla breeze started falling on the speed of the house.

And I saw a terrible scene in the mirror trembling trembling in the Nevu Nivu light of Mombati. Instead of my mouth in the mirror, I saw a white gown's wounds in a white gown's wounds of violent miserable faces. It is not possible to describe the violence of the face and the horrors of the face. After a little bit, candles went down with a candle wind. Now only the darkness is dark. I heard that someone was shaking the door-screwed, scared, khat. My sixth party told me that there are many awaited person. The guest of the globe Bloody Mary.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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