ūüíĒThere is an attempt for the lover to go to hellūüíĒ

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2 years ago

There was no gentleman in the heart,

 We didn't even have a heart!

 He was never a stirrup,

 If not without hijab!

 There was no bubble of beauty,

 This chapter was not in love at all!

 Not grief of love, it is crying!

 There was no anxiety in love!

 My statement was also in the resurrection,

 I didn't have a present answer !!

 Listen to them too?  That's good!

 I didn't even have Jin's address!

 With a broken heart they say,

 You didn't have my account !!

 This is the appreciation of love,

 Otherwise, I was not a Nawab!

 The demons have disgraced me,

 Otherwise I was not bad at all!

 The intensity of the pain kept changing,

 And there was no revolution !!

 The day was bright with your face,

 There was no sun in front!

 Read Wahdat Al-Wujud a lot!

 You had no answer!

 Happy lovers go to hell too,

 There was no torment on them !!

 Why don't their hearts burn with hatred !?

 There was no other smell !!

 Why cry for defeat ??

 I have never been successful !!

 Why did my heart ache?

 There was no anxiety in love !!?

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2 years ago


I didn't even have Jin's address!

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2 years ago