Cheesy Dynamite Pinoy Recipe

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Cheesy Dynamite a Pinoy recipe for Merienda or Pulutan.Cheesy Dynamite is made of Finger Sili."SILING HABA",Cheesy and Pastry Wrapper"LUMPIA WRAPPER".Famous Filipino Pica-pica "FINGER FOOD"and Merienda.


*Finger Chilli (siling haba)


*Pastry wrapper or Lumpia wrapper

*Cooking oil


1.Cut the middle of Finger Chilli to open it up and remove thrme seed.

2.Repeat for the rest of the chilli.

3.You can also make a small slit on the top part of the chilli to make it easir to open.

4.Stuff the chilli pepper with lenght-wise cut cheese.

5.Next,wrap it with spring roll wrapper and use water to seal the edges.

6.Put enough oil in a pan and preheat it.

7.Fry the dynamites untill its golden brown.

8.Put it on in a paper towel to remove the excess oil.

9.Best served with ketchup-mayo dip.

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Dynamite recipe is very interesting food to eat. I am very happy to know this food recipe. Carry on.

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Wow this food to see. Thank you very much for your writing about diamond food. Keeping your writing.

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I have never heard about diamond food.

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