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MANTRA DAO: A Crypto Company To Watchout For In 2021!

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1 year ago

The crypto space is growing day by day and existing crypto projects are looking for better ways to satisfy their users and make the decentralized world an easy space to understand.

Decentralized Finance is also known as Open Finance has become what many cryptos and non-crypto enthusiast talk about even without the knowledge or participation. When you devote your time to read articles, news, journals about the DeFi system, in some ways its complicated, until you stumble upon a project with a friendly interface, easy to understand the system, and direct process of the transaction, this will give you drive to involve in such project and even contribute to its growth.

One of the key areas of Decentralized System is Interaction.

Are you trying to factor out what I mean by interaction? Communicating with a system that is complicated won't increase the adoption or usage of such a system. Decentralization cut off the interaction of the third party which means, the system should be easy to understand when using it. I won't want to go technical, but I'll use MANTRA DAO a crypto company that simplifies the word Interaction through their products and the potential the project has that opened many to associate with the platform easily.

MANTRA DAO: A Powerful Light In Crypto

MANTRA DAO is a community-based DeFi platform that focuses on staking and lending as the means of interacting with the community using Decentralized Autonomous Organization to manage the process. Don't worry, I will simplify.

MANTRA DAO leverages the knowledge and wisdom of the crowd to create a community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0 that gives financial control back to the people to grow their wealth together.

Staking and Lending is a common term in traditional finance. Think of the savings in bank and loan/borrowing in the bank. MANTRA DAO allows her community members through a comforting way to save their digital asset and earns daily rewards on their savings. It also goes further to create a means of increasing the community members who save their token (Stakers) their credit limit (Reputation) which allow them to borrow digital asset within the platform.

JP Mullin, Co-founder of MANTRA DAO revealed in one of the AMA that the project has launched a variety of staking pools, PoS validator nodes, lending products, a gamified lottery pool, and planning to launch an investment platform and DEX, all this was done within 5 months. These are products community members can leverage on and grow their wealth within the ecosystem.

MANTRA DAO already listed its native token $OM ERC-20 based token on several exchanges and looking forward to an interoperable system which will activate the launch of the mainnet on RIO chain ( a Substrate-based blockchain known for its interoperability). This allows interaction/communication between other blockchains.

Late last year, MANTRA DAO was able to Integrated DOT & KSM Staking and Nominator Rewards Program and there are more upcoming ones, if you look at the Project Roadmap, remember, MANTRA DAO is a community-based platform and every one voice is important.

What Makes MANTRA DAO A Crypto Company To Watch out For?

  1. Staking and Leading Platform

  2. MANTRA Pool (Week Reward in ETH and USDT)

  3. Governance and Reputation Platform

  4. Borrowing

For better understanding login to MANTRA DAO Website and visit MANTRA App

The MANTRA DAO Team can be reached through the following handles:

LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram

Africa Telegram Handle

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1 year ago
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