Yellowstone national park

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Yellowstone National Park is the first and oldest national park in the world. The plan to create a national park was first implemented in the United States, and in 1872 a pristine natural area very rich in beautiful and natural elements with hot springs and unique plant and animal species became a national park.

Yellowstone National Park is built in a very beautiful and pristine area. It is located in the northern half of the United States and in the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. If we want to examine the antiquity and history of this region in terms of its human history, it may be unbelievable that this region has been inhabited by Native Americans for 11,000 years.

They were immersed in this area and lived with the abundant blessings of this pristine spot, and it remained untouched and untouched until all these years until the nineteenth century by two hunters named Louis and Clark. They discovered this area. From then on, this pristine nature was visited by a number of mountaineers and officials of this country until in 1860, the organization of this place as a national park was completed.

Archaeological excavations that are still ongoing introduce new archaeological discoveries. This area is exactly the right place for lovers and researchers of antiquities and historical monuments, as well as for people such as scientists, botanists and zoologists.

Below this vast park, there are volcanic lavas, through which we see hot springs and natural fountains that spray hot water up to a height of 50 meters. It is natural that in this region, despite these boiling waters, no aquatic animals can live, but nevertheless, in these waters live strange animals that can withstand living at high temperatures, which are very different from ordinary aquatic animals.

This area has a beautiful rippling lake, which is actually the largest lake in the United States. A bridge is built on this lake, which is known as a fishing bridge, and its color is in harmony with the color of the surrounding environment. There is also a village near this lake whose architecture is in harmony with nature and has preserved its pristine nature.

Animal and plant species are found in Yellowstone National Park in the Lamar and Hayden Plains. In this place, there are very beautiful plains called Lamar plain and Hayden plain, which are home to different species of animals, and it allows visitors interested in nature and animals to watch and research about them, and beautiful photos. Prepare from them.

In addition, these plains are full of other pristine natural elements that offer you a unique collection of all things natural. Places such as mountains, rivers and small lakes have led to a wide variety of plant and animal species to choose this place as their habitat, which combined to give an attractive effect to the whole region.

Wildlife enthusiasts can use their cameras to capture moments such as fish being caught by bears in roaring waters and wolves being hunted, as well as fleeing herds of buffaloes. This place has its own charm in all seasons and is full of beautiful natural subjects to watch and enjoy and record it with cameras.

Washburn Peak, at an altitude of 3,050 meters in the north of the region, awaits adventurous climbers who, following their usual destination, climb the summit and look down at the mountain and the surrounding scenery. This long journey is a symbol for climbers to go through difficult paths in life to achieve their precious goals.

In the northern part of Yellowstone Park, there is a semi-active volcano, which according to geological findings and research has been formed about two million and one hundred thousand years ago and in three periods of change, so it is one of the oldest attractions of this park.

Although this volcano is silent and semi-active, it can erupt at any moment. As you can see, this unique park is also a good destination for geology enthusiasts. This waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the entire United States.

Yellowstone Falls has a special beauty and charm in all seasons and no matter what season you go to see it, you can enjoy the special beauties of that season at any time. This beautiful waterfall with a height of 48 meters freezes in winter due to the low temperature, which has a special effect.

The Yellowstone Valley is comparable in beauty and charm to the famous Grand Canyon of Arizona. The length of this valley is 32 km long and its depth is between 245 to 365 meters and its width varies from 475 meters to 1220 meters. For those who like to spend their free time in the best possible way, there are many options from cross-country hiking to fishing and camping and watching the beautiful moments of sunrise and sunset and many other entertainments.

There are temporary camping sites in different places in this area and each place has special and different natural features. The number of these sites is 12 points. Grant, Madison and Bridgeway camps are among the best in the area. If you are interested in fishing, this place allows you to do this in spring and summer.

Yellowstone is rich in many rivers and lakes, which are home to a variety of aquatic and fish species, the most important of which are wild trout.

For those who are interested in mountaineering and recreation and nature walks, there are countless places in Yellowstone that make this possible for them. In this place, horse riding enthusiasts have also been thinking and for this purpose, they have built stables where horses are kept. In addition, there are many unique subjects for those who are interested in the art of photography and painting.


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