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Valle de la Luna; The most uninhabitable spot on earth!

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One of the most beautiful countries in South America is Chile, which attracts thousands of tourists every year due to its nature and landscapes. Join me to introduce the beautiful country of Chile as well as its tourist attractions.

Chile is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. There are many attractions and entertainment in this country. The largest pool in the world is located in this country, which can not be found anywhere in the world. Other Chilean tourist attractions include Marble Caves, Kelly Luca Park, Magdalena Island, Moon Valley and Easter Island.

In this article, I try to talk about one of the strangest tourist attractions in Chile, the Moon Valley or as nations say Valle de la Luna. In the north of Chile, 13 kilometers west of San Pedro Atacama, in the Atacama Desert, there is a valley called the Moon Valley. One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Chile is this valley, which is home to countless rocks and geological forms created by wind.

The remnants of the salt of the dried lakes and its radiance on the ground have given this place a new color and surface, and the unique texture and combination of the colors of the rocks and its various shapes have doubled the beauty of this place. This valley, known as the Valley of the Moon, is one of the strangest valleys in the world. If you travel to this area, you will see that its rocky textures resemble the moon.

The reason for the strange shape of these rocks is due to the strong wind, which over time has turned it into different shapes. One of the most enjoyable and beautiful moments of this region is when the moon rises. As the moon rises in the sky, the beauty of this region reaches its peak.

The Valley of the Moon is located in a desert area called Atacama, which is mostly made up of salt and sand fields. The desert stretches from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. In this region, the amount of rain is very low and even in some parts of this desert, it does not rain for many years, because the heights of the mountains and cliffs prevent the arrival of rain clouds and also like a high wall, this desert They are separated from the rainy and forested region of the Amazon.

Due to these climatic conditions, the Atacama Desert has been named the driest and driest desert in the world. In this desert, there is an area called the Whale Cemetery, because the remains of a whale skeleton have been seen in this place, which shows that this area was previously inhabited by aquatic animals and all of them have been destroyed due to the drying up of the water.

It is not possible for many people to cross the valley, and many people have even tried to cross the valley, but they have not succeeded. Even some of the people who went to this area have not returned. Remains of human and animal bones can be seen here, and perhaps that is why it has been called the Valley of Death. Like the Valley of the Moon, Death Valley is known for its rock formations and sand dunes.

You can get help from experienced guides to travel to this place. Also note that to travel to this place, you must have the necessary equipment with you, because traveling to desert areas can be very dangerous and to avoid problems while traveling, be sure to take the important points in Read about traveling to the desert.


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Written by   108
7 months ago
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This is absolutely amazing. So beautiful. I have never seen the Moon that close.

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