7 type of trees that are really amazing!

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Trees play important role in our world, in addition to producing our oxygen, they've also made our planet more beautiful and it's hard to imagine earth without trees;

In this article I've collected 7 special trees which are magical and extraordinary shaped. Let's check them out;

Arbor-sculpture trees

Arbor-sculpture is a modification in which living trees are given the desired shape and structure using techniques. Axel Arlandson is one of the most influential people in the genre, and many of his trees have become popular attractions. In addition to guiding the tree as it grows, it is possible to create chips on the trees when they are formed to create unique shapes.

Elephant Tree

Outside the city of Derby, in Western Australia, there is a strange tree. This tree is known as the prison tree, and the reason for naming it is that there is a 14-meter environment in it, and it is sometimes used as a prison and a cell. Sometimes the police keep their prisoners in this tree for about 1500 years before taking them to their main destination.

Dragon Blood Tree

This native tree is located in the Yemeni islands of Socotra in the Indian Ocean and is named after the red sap it produces. This tree is unusual for a variety of reasons. The body of this tree is completely without branches and all the branches are on top of it, which are divided into sharp and clustered leaves. The sap of this tree is sometimes used for therapeutic purposes and sometimes in the West as a polish for a violin.

Brazilian grapes

Jaboticaba is a native fruit tree in Brazil. The fruit of this tree, unlike other trees, grows on the body, which is why it looks like a tree from which drops of oil have come out. The small, black fruits of this tree are compared to grapes and are used to make juice. If the conditions are right, this tree will bloom and bear fruit several times a year.

Kauri tree

Many people have heard of redwood trees (sequoia) because of their large size, but the Kauri tree in northern New Zealand is one of the largest trees in the world in size. This type of tree can have a height of 15 to 50 meters depending on the conditions. The density of these trees allows them to remain strong even if buried. It is said that if buried, it would take 50,000 years for them to be destroyed.

Rainbow tree

The rainbow eucalyptus is a tree with bright colors on its body and it is hard to believe that humans did not interfere. These trees are native to the Philippines and occasionally shed their bark. The shell first turns green and over time changes to other colors such as blue, purple, orange and finally brown. Since the shells do not fall off at the same time, all these colors can be seen together.

Root Bridge

The rootstocks of the species are from the same tree sculpture that exists in northern India. These bridges were built over the centuries by indigenous peoples to cross rivers. They guided the roots of the clothes so that the stairs would form. After the bridge was completed, wood, stone or soil was used on the floor for people to cross the bridge.


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Those trees are really amazing

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