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Just a 12 minute exam

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7 months ago
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There are also weeping people in the society who have all the blessings of the world

If any negative condition is controlled during this period, it will disappear automatically

Modern research shows that human beings have a total of 16 temperaments, human beings face these 16 types of temperaments every day. No one can go beyond them. Is He was very happy today. On his way to the office, he put on the best suit, applied expensive perfume, and then got out of the house in his white wagon. He had completed the night. He was thinking that when I present my project to the boss, they will be amazed.Soon he reached the main square, the traffic signal was off, he stopped and waited with the other cars. Fingers on In a few moments, the traffic signal turned green. He was about to drive when a motorcyclist sped past his vehicle and smashed the side mirror of the vehicle with a bang.

He stopped the car and when he came out, he saw that the side mirror was falling down. He got very angry. He got in the car and tried to chase the remote-controlled motorcyclist, but he disappeared in the rush of cars. He was muttering in his heart and his anger was slowly increasing. The happiness of some time ago was now camphor. In the world of anger he was constantly increasing the pressure of his feet on the accelerator. Suddenly his mobile phone started ringing and his anger started touching the extreme.

Turning off his mobile, as soon as he saw the front, a rickshaw was coming in front of him on the main road from Service Road on the left. He quickly turned the car to the far right and with great difficulty saved the rickshaw. He was about to get off when he heard a frightening sound of the brakes squeaking behind him. It was a Suzuki van, the driver of which had managed to control the vehicle in time, otherwise it would have hit his vehicle dangerously.

When he arrived at the office, he was drenched in sweat. He was in a very bad mental state. Dante, once slapped his colleague and got into an argument with his wife on the phone. So he spent the whole day in anger, irritability and stress.

This was my friend's account of the day he was narrating in front of me. He thought that the motorcyclist was responsible for ruining his day. I said to him: "Look, brother. ! The culprit in this whole story is not the motorcyclist, it's you. "
"Yes ... what are you saying, my fault, but where did my fault come from? I was going to be good if he ..." He interrupted and said: "Look, I admit that the biker broke your side mirror and hurt you, but after that you also did not spare any effort in abusing yourself." He told me with great surprise. It was as if I was about to make a big revelation. "I abused myself, shed some light on it." He spoke innocently:"The thing is, sir, you got angry when the biker hurt you, which is a natural thing. He did his job and ran away. Nothing could happen now. It would have been a bitter experience if you had thrown it out of your mind and controlled your emotions and come to the office with the same pleasant feeling with which you left home, then rest assured that your day would not have been wasted at all.

I understood what he was saying, which was really no less than a revelation to him.
Mind Sciences says that the duration of any condition that befalls a person is only 12 minutes, after which the person returns to his normal state. If you ever get angry or in love with someone, it will be for only 12 minutes. In any case, if you control it for 12 minutes, it will disappear automatically. Anger is your 12-minute test. Either way you seize it, stand up, drink water or leave this situation, it will disappear. But our mistake is that in these twelve minutes we do not let this condition go. "You dominate, which makes the situation even longer, and then the person suffers a great deal of damage. It's as if you didn't let go of your anger and then a lot of your affairs fell victim to it."

He was listening to me in silence. I explained in more detail:
"Thoughts have a great role in human personality. Feelings & emotions are with every human being and every thought has its own family. This family goes along with it. Do you ever notice any of your negative thoughts, one thought after another, second, third, fourth thought comes and this series goes on and on. ”
He looked at me with full interest. Was going
"Modern research also shows that there are a total of 16 temperaments of human beings. Man encounters these 16 types of temperaments every day. No one can go beyond these temperaments. Every condition that you have repeatedly fed your It becomes a part of nature. Then no matter how sophisticated and wonderful a person you may be, there may be a defect inside you due to which people stop respecting you. There is a state of being inside him for 12 minutes but he grabs it and makes it a part of his personality. "

"If you look around you will find in this society a crying person who has all the blessings of the world. He became a hero from zero, he took a limousine as he progressed on a motorcycle The value added is that many of his bank accounts are full all the time but he is ungrateful. Then came the realization, he did not let go. While doing so, that feeling of ingratitude settled in him. Now he does not see how much Allah has blessed me, but he only sees his deprivations and does not enjoy this life full of blessings. It starts pushing him into the abyss of decline and then there comes a time when he needs a penny. Look, a negative feeling of just twelve minutes took away a wonderful life from him. "

Signs of anxiety were slowly disappearing from my friend's face. I said:
"In professional life, people face different kinds of people and their moods. You may be in a bad mood because of reprimands from a senior or something from your colleague. You may have left the office one day in a bad mood because the work was not completed on time, but remember that this condition can last for only 12 minutes. You have to get rid of it before you enter the house, because at home your children, your wife and your family members are waiting for you. In this case, if you vent your senior's anger on the children, harass your wife with the stress of not completing the work, then your family life will be badly affected.
"If I were to ask you, in what big company are you now earning a large salary for a good seat and you have a good reputation in the society, what is the blessing that you have got from Allah?" What's the answer? ”I asked her to give her one last" dose ".
"Obviously, with his intellect and ability," he replied after thinking for a moment.
"So, my brother! The mind through which you have attained a prosperous life, do not make the part of your body a garbage can. Anger, hatred, negative thoughts and suspicion are stinking garbage. The mind. Thanks to Allah, you have made tremendous progress. If you put negative things in it, then you are very ungrateful for the blessings of Allah. You have to make your mind a vase, not a garbage can, and it is worth it to have only positive thoughts in it. Even if something bad happens to you, be patient thinking that maybe it will be worse with me. Someone was going to overtake your car, someone should try to overtake you in the line in front of the ATM, someone should overtake you at the petrol pump, then he should go ahead. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

He nodded in affirmation.
"Remember one thing. The wise man bears the loss of money but does not allow himself to be emotionally disturbed. Thanks to this, it is possible. Today, if I lose a thousand, five hundred, but do not let my mood deteriorate, I can use the same intellect to repair my loss in two minutes, but those who put their vases in the trash for minor damage. If they change then they become captives of their own negative emotions and then one negative thought after another enters their life. There is only loss in the destiny of such people.

My friend understood the solution to his problem. Some time ago, his frowning face now opened up. I was also happy to see his satisfaction. He got up to leave. An important point of a happy life is found. I also came out to say goodbye to him with a smile. 

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7 months ago
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