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When Your Big

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3 months ago

We have been raised in lies. when We are young, they make us believe in creatures that we do not see. Kapre, tikbalang, mananangal, tiyanak, ghost, and witch. they say they are from the deep ground of the earth. I wondered why they didn't include, onion and ginger. they are from the deep ground too.

When we are sick, our Mom insists that the taste of the medicine is delicious and good for your pain. Even if it tastes like a tint of a pentel pen or sour cooking oil. To make you drink it, they need to lie that the taste of the medicine is so delicious even if they drink it too they squeeze their face because of the taste of medicine. and you'll get a flip in your head from your father when you try to vomit the medicine. The money they used will be wasted.

TV shows you the bigger lies. In Sesame Street the performers are not real people, partner puppet but both men, a monster that loves biscuit, a vampire who could only count from 1 to 10 (sometimes up to 12), a bird size as the elephant, and an elephant-like a feather size (where have you seen an elephant with elongation length feathers in the body?) and a creature who likes to collect garbage and live in the trash.

It has an English version here in the Philippines, the Batibot. The problem, the lead of this program, cunning and a fool. They will change to another channel that features are superheroes friends. They are a lot in the story and everyone has superpowers. It simply shows their weakness, they show that 1 superhero cant handle the problem of this world.

Others also need help to save the world. Poor Superman, nothing has been said. Cannot stand on their own feet. You're done watching a lie I mean the TV show. You want to play outside with the other kids in the neighborhood. But you heard what Mom said.

There was a Bombay who kidnaps kids from the street. such a cunning Bombay. even innocent kids he wants to kidnap them. But in reality, you can't go out because you're a new bath. and you'll dig dirt from the street when you play with other kids. your mom is too tired to clean you up again. you don't want to take a nap at noon? You're scared, that's the lizard might get you. close your eyes, the "lizard" might get you.

Thus, the child's growth includes even the smallest problems as little lizards cannot be solved because "lagot ka, kayang kaya ka nglizard ". at dinner, you're not allowed to waste foods. even if you feel to vomit, you need to finish it. not because the food in the tale will be wasted but it's up to you, you'll be blind. Are we gonna include the lies about Santa Claus, the three kings, the superstition of grandma and grandpa, being a "modest" (they said) by Rizal, you'll get itchy when you eat too much manga and about the legend of Pineapple and Olongapo?.

No. I don't want to add more lies here. The child is growing up in lies. And as he grows older, marriage and having children of his own, he will repeat this story of lies again.

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Written by   207
3 months ago
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