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Unjustice Drug War ( For Good or Bad)

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3 months ago

Thousands of people were murdered in the Philippines when President Rodrigo Duterte launched "warship drugs" on June 30, 2016, the day of his seat in the position. Among dozens of youth killed, 18-year-old down, who was shot or accidentally shot while with anti-drug raids. "Collateral damage" is called the authorities here. There is 101 number of murdered youth from July 2016 to December 2018, according to children's rights and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that have been breached or emerged. More children are media reports in 2019 and 2020 was murdered.

In general, the number as of January 31, 2020, by the Philippine National Police and The Drug Enforcement Agency that killed the drug war was at 5,601. In almost all cases, police insist, push or use drugs have been killed in the raid since the suspects did not arrest and fight. The Commission on Human Rights and local humans believe rights groups that are thousands more -- an estimate of 27,000 — were killed by police, police agents, or unknown assailant.

Fearful numbers of murders are not properly investigated. According to the Department of Justice of the Philippines, in January 2019, only 76 murders investigated. However, only 33 cases in court and 5 were sacrificed at the Office of the Prosecutor, while the prosecutor released half —38 cases. During writing, only one case — Kian Delos Santos murdered three police officers in August 2017, which happened on the violin -- resulted in trial and judgment.

Human Rights Watch also investigates murders where no refuse the police for the safety and well-being of children, often carried out raid at midnight while the entire family was at home. In many raids, witnessed by children were murdered by their parent, or saw the walking and shot their parent.

The terrifying result in Duterte's youth campaign counter-drug surge beyond immediate raid violence. Many are experiencing psychological anxiety (psychological distress) after seeing their loved one murder. Many children in their home and community had to be left home and community, to hide or move because they were afraid to in their lives and in their families.

Human Rights Watch believes the government should ensure respect for rights of humanitians regarding usage policies and skills, possessions, production, and distribution of drugs. We oppose the criminalization of personal use and possession of drugs. To prevent, control and semester the destructive using drugs, governments should rely on non-penalty regulatory (no penalty) and public health approaches that do not violate human rights.

Human Rights Watch urges the Philippine government to terminate abusive campaign counter-drugs and investigations and wage cases are responsible for murder and other human rights violations. Should establish international mechanisms to investigate extra-judicial killings and other violations conducted on belly of "war counter drugs" from June 2016. Should be immediate and fair pay off their damage. Government agencies should answer heavy that needs children who have lost their lives (breadwinner), especially living in poor communities in the Philippines where murder, and ensure that the steps are taken that will protect youth from abuse.


To the Philippine Government

  • Issue a proclamation that officially ends the "war of drugs."

  • Investigate and ten cases allegedly guilty, including followers of legislation to conquer extrajudicial killings and other abuses made in

    name of the "war counter drugs" of the Duterte administration.

  • Give immediate and fair compensation to government officials and their agents are the families of illegal murder.

  • Cooperate fully cooperate with the Commission on Human Rights investigation murders, including providing requested information about

    campaign counter-drugs, in general, and special cases.

  • Work fully with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights designated by the UN Human Rights Council on a resolution in July 2019 that prepares a report on the human rights situation in the Philippines.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development to:

  • Provide material assistance and targeted financial support programs to parents, dedicated relatives, or legal guardians and partner agencies child care is responsible for the care of a campaign contractor to ensure the child is responsible for attending school.

  • Protect youth most affected by economic exploitation and in

    doing any job that is likely to be dangerous, or

    harmful to health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social

    child development.

  • Gather information and data about children and families affected by

    campaign counter-drugs, with confidence and with

    protection against reward.

  • Develop and provide resources for a multiagency initiative (including government, civil society, academic, faith-based

    organizations and NGOs) to develop, plan and implement

    the program that will help children with the victims of the "drug war."

  • Make sure that the conditional cash transfer (4Ps benefits) reaches

    families of victims, and actively monitor the implementation of

    the program to prevent discrimination in such families.

imong talastasin ang kabuoang artikulo dito imong gi pindot areng.

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Written by   207
3 months ago
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