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To The Man (poem)

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3 months ago

You know your strong

You value the words you say

Your righteous and Not

Your funny sometimes

You make efforts and I see

Your silent

I don't know why

Who keep the secret the most

Me or you

You cry without tears

The responsibility in your shoulder is a burden to you yet you need to fulfill it

Because you're a Man

You give up your dreams

You make her happy and you are happy

You only love one

Your mouth has a flowerful words most of the times

To the Man you became

How are you?


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Love your poem. I bet he's a good man of yours?

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3 months ago

He isn't the man he supposed to be and I let it go.

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3 months ago

Oww that's sad you are strong enough to let him go

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3 months ago

That's life, it's hard to keep something that keep doing the same things not worth it 😁

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3 months ago

I agree. It's just make everything complicated, I guess you do the right thing

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3 months ago

Nice poem keep sharing dear

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3 months ago

Thank you sir 😊😉

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3 months ago