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The Missed Opportunity

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4 months ago

They say a great opportunity comes and goes.

I believe in that saying. There are a lot of opportunities either for business or work will in love life I don't know. I've seen lots of chances to get something but I declined most of it.

Maybe The reason is:

  • You're lazy

  • Excuses

  • Financial

  • We Ignore it

  • Time

We all have these excuses for missed opportunities or simply we don't want it. We can't blame ourselves because we are often victim of fraud business and people especially online. They show us something they earn but the truth it was edited just to show up. But our eyes believe because of the story and amount.

We often asked to show us the proof but most of us maybe aren't aware that ut can be edited. Photoshop are highly powerful tool now those skilled illustrator or Editor they can manipulate our eyes and make us believe.

That's why we are not convice that much by those proof because they aren't either false nor true. We learn from our past that why we scape those oppurtunity we cannt blame ourselve for that because we learn.

But sometimes we dont judje in the right way. We missd this good company and we believe in those fraud one.

There are some good opportunities that I missed but I still get a good one. Doubt is always in my mind well, that part of me and inevitable. Good thing the company that I trust to invest in is still alive while the others have died.

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Written by   214
4 months ago
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