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Get BCHA Now in Electron Cash

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3 months ago

Some of us may not aware of this recent fork of BitcoinCash by sending your BCH into some Exchangers or Wallet that support this split might give the same number of hold BCH. I can not say the same amount because their price from BCH is too far for now.

A friend of mine and I credit this to her. Share this App that might give you some BCHA by importing your seed into it. well, we tried it and we get some BCHA.

Disclaimer: I am only sharing this to everyone because it such a loss if someday bcha reach some good value and the more holder the better. Your seed will be used so think before you do this because I cannot guarantee the safety of your accounts. so make your own research and for those who might want to try it. read the guide carefully. Correct me if I am wrong thank you.

Get BCHA from Electron Cash.

The Electron Cash App Look.

after installing the App follow this guideline.

  1. Click New Wallet then choose Restored Seed.

  1. Input your desire username

  2. Input your desired password and confirm

  1. Input your ReadCash Seed phase

  2. Check the Box B39 and then put this m/44'/00'/0' click on for the next step.

    wait for the synchronization finish you are looking for your read cash duplicate. if its synchronized you may take note or screenshot for comparison

  1. go to setting then turn off "select server automatically"

  2. Click the server edit and put this server:

    go back to your wallet wait again for synchronization is done then finish.

you may then send your BCH to Coinex Exchange and it will be BCHA the confirmation will be longer because the block is not stable yet. so hopefully BCH can have a stable block soon for faster transaction. just like before.

this is from my friend. I just send mine an hour ago and it's not yet in Coinex so I can only show this to you as proof. It's not but after all.

remember the risk is yours so think not once nor twice but a lot of times. hope this may help you a little Mi Amor.

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Written by   212
3 months ago
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Your description is wrong. You shows screenshots of electron cash for Smartphone. With this version you can not use BCHA. You need electron cash for desktop. I have described it here.

If you do not have a desktop, use this description

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3 months ago

Thank you sir. I will edit this and read your description 😊

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3 months ago