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3 months ago

We know the definition of cryptocurrency and how to use it. most are using cryptocurrency by trading them exchange them into fiat money. we are here to earn #BCH #BitcoinCash then when we reach our minimum we transfer our BCH into exchangers.

We are lucky that we have our direct exchangers though the price of the coins is not equal t the price in the market. An example is our own coins ph where you sell at low and buy at a high price. that high price is the market price. if you haven't noticed it then check it. Maybe it's a way to prevent those coins from being dump.

I haven't seen other cryptocurrency direct wallet yet because I mostly used coins ph wallet.

Coins dot PH offer as lots of ways to use our Cryptocurrency coins that other wallet cant offer to us such as :

  • Buy Loads: we can use to buy data and can be used to call and text

  • Pay Bills: you can pay your utility bills directly from your wallet

  • Game Credits: we can buy game credits directly from coins dot ph

  • Cash: our favorite we can exchange or convert our cryptocurrency into cash directly from coins ph and we can cash out our cash from various remittances or we can send it to our own banks. we can also send it to online wallets such as GCash and Paymaya

Yes, we are amateurs we haven't learn the potential of our cryptocurrency. most of us didn't learn how to gain more from it by trading it. we have this staking and lending that may give as small earning that way we grow our coins.

Trading will always be my first choice I just follow the Golden rules of Buy low and Sell high. Ya I know trading is not that easy as I thought before it's not like you gonna gain 2x or 3x by leaving it 24 hours in the Exchangers you trade. And there are various way of trading name by those traders. And I fall into sway.

Some exchangers are offering this way of earnings that why Banks are being killed slowly this way. This is major exchangers that you can trust your coins stake or lend it.

  • Binance: this number one exchanger offers its users to earn while they stake or lend their crypto.

  • Coinbase: base on what I read in some article coinbase will offer to stake very soon well, ill let you know. or follow them on twitter.

  • Abra: there are more than 100 coins listed in this exchanger and they offer interest when you hodl your coins in your interest accounts.

  • KuCoin: its offer up to 10% gain

  • CakeDefi: offer 15% gain. my knowledge into this exchanger is very limited s I can't say more. there are more exchangers that offer this earn feature that might interest you if ever you used them.

Cryptocurrency is very wide and its changes for a better future. like I said before it may help you gain more if just you give time to studying this modern monetary system. some business is jumping into this modern way of sending payments simply because it's fast trusted and secure well I am not saying a 100% percent of it.

We can also earn some token that running airdrops or bounty it's their way to be known or gain investors buy those bounty hunters effort to post and tweets as price they will earn token by that current project they promote. They are early birds or late. They may receive their token late.

I am just an amateur user of crypto a trader and investor. some users in this platform are considered to be pro such as @Telesfor @thesatoshistore @CryptoLemon will I silently follow these people and sometimes I bump into their comments in some articles and read them.

We can learn a lot by reading useful articles especially if it's about cryptocurrency. now if you want to learn make your first action by searching or watching some tutorials and guides. Good Luck Mi Amor ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you like it 😉


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Written by   207
3 months ago
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I stake at Nexo too, I asked sir Telesfor if it's a legit platform, he says yes. I also read some users here that stakes at nexo. I have Abra, I also see their staking offer the same percentage as Nexo but I didn't try it because you have to verify your account with ID's and many more just like coinbase, so I go for Nexo it does need to invade so much privacy they have Two-factor authentication every time we log in.

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3 months ago